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Django vs .net




Django or all the same .net. What should you choose? This is what we are going to understand today.

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Django is a direct web development framework written in Python and using the Standard Template Model View (MTV).

With Django Object Relational Mapping (ORM) you can define data modeling using classes in Python, being able to generate your tables, not a databank, and control whether you want to use SQL (or you can also use SQL). Ability to automatically generate an interface for administering two models generated by ORM.

Django has a powerful, extensible, and user-friendly templating language. You can also separate design, content, and Python code. There are many reasons why almost any Django Development Company would claim it’s the best python framework.

You can use translation strings and provide hooks for specific language features, since Django fully supports multilingual applications, it is possible to automatically generate forms using Django’s two data models with no restrictions to create friendly URLs and in an easy way.

The main reasons for using Django are:

1. It’s very fast: if you have a startup, are in a hurry to complete a project, or just want to cut costs, with Django you can create a very good application in a short amount of time.

2. It is well loaded: everything you need to do will already be implemented, you just need to adapt it to your needs. Either because there are community modules for any Python package you find or applications that Django has to offer that is very useful.

3. It’s pretty safe: we can relax with Django as it implements some security measures by default, the most classic, so no SQL injection, no cross-site request forgery (CSRF), or no JavaScript Clickjacking. Django handles all of this very easily.

4. It is highly scalable: we can ideally go from a very small application to a huge, modular, fast and stable application.


5. It’s incredibly versatile: It’s true that Django originally started out as a news storage framework for press sites, blogs, and this style of website, but over time it has become so popular that it can be used for any purpose.

Other benefits of Django

Other benefits of Django that don’t stand out on the web:

Its ORM, its interface for accessing the database, because doing queries with it is great, it’s a very good tool.

As standard, it comes with an administration panel, with which we can leave people without any technical knowledge in a very convenient way to process important data.

Now let’s look at .NET

The Microsoft .Net Framework is a software component that provides code solutions that are used by programs and controls programs written for that platform.

The .Net Framework provides a development environment that uses simple software to improve program security and mitigate vulnerabilities. This platform belongs to the realm of web services, which sets XML (a tag language for the exchange of information between programs) as a norm or standard.

The main components of the .Net runtime include the base class library, programming languages, and the common language runtime (CLR).

.NET Framework versions

Each version of the .NET framework contains some of the features from previous versions and includes new ones. The .Net framework includes the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which includes base components and some additional components such as base and managed class libraries. The CLR has its own version and does not always match the version of the .Net platform in use.

Currently, Microsoft has released several versions to improve cross-platform development or include new features. With these new versions, Microsoft can make more continuous updates, and developers will be able to incorporate these new features into the applications themselves, avoiding the user having to download a new version of the platform to use the application.

.Net and Django are quite different. Each has its own characteristics and goals. Therefore, it all depends on the project. In order to get everything cool, you also need to study outsourcing trends.


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