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Pattaya Nightclub Closes for 5 Years After Drug Raid



Pattaya Nightclub Closes for 5 Years After Drug Raid

(CTN News) – The accused Chinese national owner of a Pattaya nightclub faces a five-year shutdown after police mishandled a search and let more than 200 guests flee after testing positive for narcotics.

On October 24, Pol. Lt. Gen. Panurat Lakboon, Deputy Inspector General of the Royal Thai Police, presided over a meeting with Police Region 2 and Pattaya police to discuss a controversial incident in which more than 200 patrons at Club One Pattaya were able to avoid an inspection after some were reportedly found to have used illegal drugs.

To discuss the next measures following the 3 a.m. raid on Club One on Phettrakul Road on October 23, Pol. Lt. Gen. Panurat Lakboon, deputy inspector-general for the Royal Thai Police, met with Provincial Police Region 2 and Pattaya police officials.

City and Banglamung District authorities joined Pattaya and Chonburi police in operation, which included drug testing for all participants. People pushed through police lines and even those who had tested positive because some refused to do the tests.

Soon after entering the bar alone, police started collecting narcotic packets on the floor.

Nitipat Chokchaithanaphorn, the manager of Club One, also approached the police and yelled at them, demanding to know why they were bothering his company and that he was friends with the governor of Chonburi and that they had just had dinner together.

The governor’s administration said Nitipat was unknown to them. The manager later that day said he didn’t know the governor and claimed he lied because he was intoxicated. He apologized but said he had no control over customers bringing in narcotics.

The governor also supported police, claiming that since most clubgoers were inebriated, the club’s gates were left open to avoid a violent confrontation. Simply put, there were too many people for the authorities to manage.

Nitipat was accused of running an entertainment establishment without a licence, selling alcohol outside permitted hours, and failing to stop people from bringing illicit narcotics into the club.

According to Pol, the manager would face legal action for lying about his connection to the governor. Lt. Gen. Panurat, although it is unclear under which Criminal Code section this would fall.

However, Nitipat does not own Club One. According to Panurat, an owner is a Chinese person going by the name “Gu Yeo,” who is sought for in connection with narcotics and money laundering charges.

Police intended to ask Chonburi Province to shut down Club One for a period of five years.

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