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New World Jewelcrafting Skill Guide: Brief Introduction of Jewelcrafting Skill and How to Craft Jewelry in New World

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In New World, players who are interested in Jewelcrafting can experience a complex and satisfying system in order to craft some beneficial gear. They can make rings, necklaces, and other items from scratch. These items will possess useful effects, just like enhancing your elemental damage or damage absorption and increasing the possibilities of using different functional gems.

In order to level up their Jewelcrafting skills, players should make a lot of jewelry to earn more XP in the game. It will take a lot of energy to search for lots of material and spend more time on refining stations. Luckily, players can feel relaxed and earn money in the process of making gold and silvery items in the New World.

If players want to craft high-tier jewelry in the game, they will need more XP to increase their levels of specific skills. Players can buy New World Gold to earn more XP to improve necessary skills and have access to craft powerful jewelry in New World.

You Should Gather Raw Materials Required by Jewelcrafting

Gathering Metals For JewelcraftingGathering Metals For Jewelcrafting

If players want to craft a piece of jewelry, they need Silver Ingots and Gold Ingots to make enough essential materials. When they have got enough materials, players can acquire settings, hooks, and many other recipes ingredients from an Outfitter Station. Players can smelt ingots by themselves at a Smelter or buy them from the Smelter. However, if players are interested in the process of mining Silver Ore and Gold Ore, they can also mine these ingots from the ore by themselves in New World.

Gems Used For Jewelcrafting

Gems Used For Jewelcrafting

Players should know that it is important to use gems for creating jewelry. The components of Silver and Gold Ingots will have nothing to hold without gems in the process of crafting jewelry. Gems can give jewelry necessary effects if they are mixed in a piece of Jewelry. For instance, Diamonds can be made into rings, which can increase the damage absorption for physical and elemental resistance stats. Players should cut gems at a Stonecutter Table and fix them into any type of Sliver or Gold Housings.

How to Craft A Piece of Jewelry in the New World

You Should Prepare Components For JewelryYou Should Prepare Components For Jewelry

When players have got enough silver or gold components and cut necessary gems, they can assemble them into pieces of jewelry with these components. In order to craft jewelry, they can go to an Outfitting Station which can be found on the map in New World.

You Should Know Skill Levels and Refining Station Tiers

You Should Know Skill Levels and Refining Station Tiers

There are many refining and crafting adventures in New World. Jewelrycrafting is the same as them. Players have to improve their levels in Jewelrycrafting to have access to create high-tier jewelry in New World. And they can also pass some steps which can not increase their levels, like mining the silver or gold ore to obtain silver or gold ingots. They can buy them to save their time for crafting jewelry.

Players should pay more attention to improving their levels in Jewelrycrafting, because they can cut more gems to create more high-tier jewelry. If players want to sell these high-tier jewelry, they will be attractive to other players in the market.

Then, in the process of crafting jewelry, players should improve other essential things in the New World, such as high-tier of Stonecutter Tables, Arcane Repositories, and Outfitting Stations. If players can not find suitable high-tier stations in the different settlements, they can upgrade these stations by completing different Town Projects in the settlement.

Players are eager to create different types of Jewelry for improving their character in the battle against foes in the New World. However, some specific materials and gems are not easy to find in the game. It is a good idea for players to Buy New World Coins. Players can use them to purchase rare materials from the market, which will accelerate the process of crafting powerful Jewelry in the New World. It may save your energy and time in looking for materials. Cheap New World Coins are sold on


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