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The Lakeland Shooting Has Now Killed 11 People: What We Know



The Lakeland Shooting Has Now Killed 11 People: What We Know

(CTN News) – A drive-by Lakeland shooting left 11 people injured Monday afternoon. Police are still looking for four suspects.

3:43 p.m., on Iowa Avenue and Plum Street, a “challenged” neighborhood the Lakeland Police Department has been paying attention to recently.

‘Target attack’ in midtown Lakeland shooting, a few blocks north of downtown

Lakeland police found the suspect’s car after 11 people were killed

How many people got shot?

Police found three victims when they got there. Witnesses said another seven were rushed to Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center. Taylor said another man with minor injuries showed up at Lakeland Shooting Regional Tuesday as a walk-in, bringing the total to 11.

They were all males between 20 and 35.

As of Monday night, two were hospitalized. One was shot in the abdomen, the other in the jaw. Both were flown to Tampa General Hospital for treatment, Taylor said.

Taylor says the other nine didn’t have life-threatening injuries, so they’ll be released today.

Who are the Lakeland shooting suspects?

They rode in a dark blue, four-door Nissan sedan with dark tinted windows. There was a temporary tag on the car. Four people were in the vehicle, and at least two were shot.

The car used in the attack was found in a West Lakeland neighborhood Tuesday morning, Taylor said.

Children were dropped off on school buses moments before the shooting

The Ring doorbell captured the shooting, as well as a school bus dropping off children just before gunfire erupted.

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It was a ‘targeted event’ that led to Lakeland gunfire

Taylor believes that the attack was targeted and not random.

LPD Chief Taylor said the public does not need to worry about their safety. In addition, he said rumors of a second shooting scene were false.

How do we know what guns were used in the shooting?

At least two types of rounds were fired, a .223 rifle round and a 9 mm handgun round, according to Taylor.

Anyone been arrested for the Lakeland shooting?

“We do have suspects,” Taylor said. “We are looking at several people.” These people are not in our possession.”

Taylor said Monday that it appeared to be a targeted attack and not a random act. It appears that narcotics sales or marijuana sales were occurring there at the time, but it is unknown whether that was significant or related to this.


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