Membership NFTs: What They Are And Why You Should Take Advantage
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Membership NFTs: What They Are and Why You Should Take Advantage



Membership NFTs

Membership NFTs: From time immemorial, acquisition and collection have always been in our nature. We hear stories and see movies about cave dwellers collecting even rocks and precious stones. It is wired in us.

By instincts, we want to possess things and have that sense of ownership while enjoying the pride and status symbol that comes with it. This agelong trait has been extended to digital items, with many people showing massive interest in digital arts.

The justification is that as the more significant part of our attention is spent on digital activities like browsing the internet, watching TV, or playing games, it makes sense to acquire assets and collectibles to build our status within these digital realms and online ecosystems.

The evolution and expansion in the global blockchain ecosystem have led to the emergence of more solutions to tackle the diverse needs of different stakeholders. One of such concepts is the NFT, otherwise known as a non-fungible token, which has been described as one of the next big things in the crypto space.

Although still in its nascent stage, NFT represents the digitization and financialization of digital property and intellectual property. Other NFTs hold out the hope of bringing ownership economy to the internet. These projects are expected to grow by 10 – 20x in 2022, predicated on the fact that there are hundreds of projects launching every day.

For example, a sporadic increase in projects was recorded in the second half of last year compared to the first half. Over time, these collections are interwoven into our very identities, creating subcultures, communities of people that share a bond forged by mutual interests, values, and drives.

Being a part of this culture of collectors brings trust, community, and status. The key players here are not just collectors or creators who can create, sell, and fractionalize ownership in their works but a community. A membership.

A Membership NFT is a revolutionary innovation in the blockchain world with a unique utility that grants access to a community, its products, and its offerings. Membership NFTs confer membership, exclusive access, and status to whoever holds them while serving as a proxy of a value system espoused by their creators. For example, membership of an inner circle brings status and can be profitable — collectibles allow entry to private message boards on the Discord chat app and privileged access to other NFTs.

Owning a membership NFT is an opportunity to be not just a community member but an investor, shareholder, collector, and loyal partner. As a holder of a membership NFT, there is the opportunity to enjoy a brand economy; this is a paradigm shift from what most companies offer to gain support and loyalty from their customers. In most loyalty systems, the companies benefit at the expense of the customers, but with membership NFTs, owners and founders have a mutual interest in the company’s success.

There is the understanding that a win for the company is a win for all; hence concerted efforts are employed to promote and ensure profitability. And this is where the brand economy comes in. As active participants and players in the company’s affairs, both parties work together to build a better future and sustainable economy.

Most membership NFTs start with a community manifesto and tokens offered on a first-come, first-serve basis with long-term value based on the community’s behavior. However, typical ways of acquiring this highly coveted NFT are finding a community or project and gaining early access before the presale or public minting. Another way is by minting it when it drops or purchasing at a higher price from a third party later in secondary markets such as OpenSea.

Apart from exclusive access to a community or group, some other perks and benefits can come with a membership NFT. For example, RAM NFT by RiseAngle, Inc., a first of its kind membership NFT and arguably the most groundbreaking project in this space, has an all-in-one package with access to amazing NFT collections that could include 3D art, 2D art, digital comic books, and metaverse/AR/VR NFTs.

RiseAngle started as a game company developing groundbreaking VR and AR games and with the explosion of the NFT space, branched out to create new offerings such as the NFT membership and an active NFT Calendar.

RAM NFT membership has two editions, the RAM Gen1 and RAM Gen2. RAM Gen1 NFTs were rolled out last year. Therefore, interested users can only purchase them from secondary markets like OpenSea. For those who missed out, fortunately, it has been announced that dates for the Presale and Public Sale for RAM Gen2 and the first RAM NFT collection release are May 2022.

To get started, you will need an ETH wallet, for example, Metamask and some ETH. The Metamask account comes with a unique wallet address that can send ETH from exchanges like Coinbase to your account.

The wallet is your key to the NFT world. The private keys or key phrases should be protected and stored carefully to avoid losing everything in the wallet. If someone else has access to this secret phrase, they will be able to access your wallet to withdraw or transfer funds, NFTs, and anything else you store in it.

Most of the communities in the space do not use email addresses or passwords for logins. Instead, they employ wallet authentication with read access to verify and confirm ownership of their NFTs before granting access to their communities and offerings.

Membership NFTs are one of the hottest, most promising, and undervalued sectors in the NFTs space. For RAM NFT by RiseAngle, NFT is more of an experience than the product itself. NFT identity and reputation connect people to form membership, which drives the community to create new experiences and products to strengthen user identity.

There is no better time to join the movement than now, especially as the RiseAngle team has deployed a first-of-its-kind super innovative whitelist system that ensures only the super-interested people are whitelisted for RAM Gen 2. The whitelist comes with many benefits; the presale price has a discount of 25%+ relative to the public price. The maximum number of mints per whitelist is announced to be 3. Take advantage.

How To Buy And Sell NFTs?

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