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Heardle Song April 12 2022 Answer Today: #46 Daily Hints



Heardle Answer Today

I have just released a new Heardle song of the day. In the following lines, you will find our hints in addition to the answer for song number 46, which was released on April 12, 2022.

Amongst the most popular daily games that have been released lately, Heartdle is one of the most popular ones. Wordle is one of the most popular daily games, but Heartdle is a very different game altogether.

This time, players will need to identify the song of the day instead of guessing a daily word. Players will have six attempts or less to do so. It will begin with a short introduction related to the song of the day.

With each incorrect or skipped guess, you get to unlock a little more of the intro. I believe that many songs are fairly easy to guess, and you don’t have to listen to very many parts of the intros of most songs.

There has been a notable difficulty with the last couple of Heardle songs of the day, because there are no lyrics in all six parts of the intro, which makes it much more difficult to guess.

As a result, we’ve been covering each Heardle with our own tips and hints for players who are having trouble. There is also an answer for the Heardle of the day, song 46, which was released on April 12, 2022.

Daily Song Hints

This week’s Heardle songs have been completely mixed. In one day, you may get a song from the 1970s the next day, while the next day you may hear a song from less than six months ago. Due to that, it can be very difficult to keep up a winning streak for long, which is why we have come up with our own tips and tricks to help you out.

Let us list our tips and tricks for Heardle 46:

  • Hint 1: Released this year
  • Hint 2: Genre – Reggae
  • Hint 3: Single by Koffee
  • Hint 4: Name of the song is something you usually eat at breakfast.

Heardle 46 12th April 2022 Answer

The answer to Heardle 46, released on April 12th, 2022 is Koffee – Toast

heardle song

heardle song

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