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Marco Giampaolo’s Failure at FC “Milan”




In the 2010s, Milan quickly transformed itself from a great club to the middle class of Italian soccer. In part, this was due to the fact that the club could not find a suitable coach for a long time. You can easily keep up with the footy scores of the team on the sports statistics website. Here you can find up-to-date data on all confrontations.

In 2019, “Milan” tried once again to improve its results and appointed Marco Giampaolo as head coach. Before that, he worked successfully for three years at “Sampdoria”. However, the coach could hardly be called a revolutionary, so Milan’s focus on this specialist initially seemed surprising.

The worst fears of the fans and the management have come true. The specialist will not be able to improve the scores of all footy matches involving the “Rossoneri”. He has been the coach of the team for only seven rounds. In these matches, AC Milan won four times but lost three. This was enough to decide on his final resignation.

The coach lasted only 111 days in his position. This is the anti-record among those who were officially the club’s head coach. Giampaolo was replaced by Stefano Pioli who was initially regarded by many people as a temporary figure. However, the results of the club noticeably improved with him. In his second season the team even managed to qualify for the Champions League.

Why was Giampaolo so unsuccessful at “Rossoneri”?

As for Giampaolo, the management initially had no confidence in him. So as soon as the first misfires began (and that happened almost immediately), it was decided to remove him. But in the end, the table for Serie A was quite successful for the team. It managed to break into the Europa League.

If we identify the main reasons for Giampaolo’s failure at the “Rossoneri”, they include:

  1. The relatively weak squad of the team. With such a selection of players, it was difficult to count on achieving the desired goals.
  2. The perception of the coach. Giampaolo was not taken seriously. He tried to do a deep job, analyzing every game. But the Milan players needed serious moral authority, which this coach was not.
  3. Impatience of management. Giampaolo was dismissed after winning the match. This demonstrates that his fate was determined in advance. The management quickly realized its mistake and tried to correct it as quickly as possible.

If you are still interested in Serie A, it is easy to follow the table for this championship on the sports statistics website. Here, all confrontations involving the team are covered in detail. Thanks to this, fans will not miss a single meeting and will be able to keep their hand on the pulse.


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