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Man in Thailand Survives 5 Story Fall from Hotel and Walks Away



Man in Krabi Thailand Survives 5 Story Fall and Walks Away

A Singaporean man has miraculously survived after falling 5 stories from a hotel in southern Thailand’s Krabi Province.

A staff member at the Krabi Seabass Hotel in the southern province of Krabi said that the 37-year-old man, who was only known as Mr. Brian, had checked in with a friend just an hour before the attack.

The two apparently booked a room at the hotel for one night and were planning to catch a flight back to Singapore the next morning.

Even though Mr. Brian fell from 5 stories, he only had minor injuries like bruises and scratches. He allegedly landed on a clear plastic roof before he landed on the ground.

Krabi Pitak Pracha rescuers came to the hotel to help him. He was awake during the whole thing, and he was taken to Krabi Hospital for a checkup. The police are looking into Mr Brian’s fall to find out what caused it and how it happened.

While the police were talking to people at the scene, Mr. Brian’s friend, Ho Si Ping, 43, told them that he had been having problems with his mental health and had recently gone to Krabi Hospital to get help.


Australian Dies in Phuket, Thailand

Meanwhile, a 50-year-old Australian man died Tuesday night when he fell from a parking building at Phuket International Airport.

At 8:30 p.m., a security guard told cops about his death. He had told the man not to jump, but he did it anyway. The man’s name wasn’t given until his family had been told.

Pol Col Salan Tantisartsanakun, head of the Sakhu police station, said that police found the man’s body on the ground in the motorcycle parking area.

Images from security cameras showed that the man got to the airport by himself. He walked along the road to the parking building and took a lift to the higher floors. Police said that he tore up a 500-baht bill and a 50-baht bill and then jumped from the fifth floor.

Police said the man came to Thailand on August 24 and then left a few days later. He got back into the country on August 28 and stayed in a Patong hotel. The hotel room was still full of his things.

Police say that the man didn’t have a plane ticket to leave the country. He had never done anything wrong.

His body was taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital so that it could be looked at after he died. Police said that the Australian ambassador had been told.

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