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Guilty Verdict: British Nurse Lucy Letby Convicted Of Infants’ Murders And Attempted Murders



Lucy Letby

(CTN NEWS) – British nurse Lucy Letby has been found guilty of the murder of seven infants and the attempted murder of six others during the years 2015 and 2016.

The verdict, reached after a 10-month trial at Manchester Crown Court, has determined Letby’s culpability in 14 out of the 22 charges brought against her, as stated by the Crown Prosecution Service.

The jury, consisting of 11 individuals, remained undecided on the charges related to the attempted murder of an additional four babies.

The forthcoming sentencing of Letby is scheduled to take place on Monday at Manchester Crown Court.

Letby had been employed within the neonatal ward at the Countess of Chester Hospital in Chester, England. The convictions emerged from a trial that featured unsettling testimonies detailing her criminal actions.

Profound Breach of Trust: Crown Prosecution Service Condemns Lucy Letby’s Heinous Actions in Neonatal Ward

According to a statement acquired by PEOPLE subsequent to the trial, Pascale Jones from the Crown Prosecution Service expressed that Letby’s actions constituted “a profound breach of the confidence vested in her.”

The statement further conveyed, “Lucy Letby was granted the responsibility of safeguarding some of the most delicate infants. Unbeknownst to her colleagues, a perpetrator of heinous acts lurked among them.

She went to great lengths to veil her transgressions, employing different methods to inflict harm upon the babies under her watch.”

The statement further elaborated, remarking, “She engaged in a web of deception to mislead her colleagues, disguising the harm she inflicted as mere exacerbations of each baby’s pre-existing vulnerabilities.

Innocuous substances such as air, milk, fluids, and even medications like insulin were manipulated into lethal agents by her hands. Her education was perverted and her skills were weaponized to unleash suffering, sorrow, and death.”

“Repeatedly, she subjected infants to harm within an environment that was intended to be a sanctuary for them and their families. Parents were subjected to her perverse curiosity and feigned empathy.

Regrettably, many of them returned to empty cribs and nurseries. Numerous surviving children now grapple with the enduring aftermath of her assaults on their lives.”

Jones additionally conveyed her condolences, acknowledging, “My thoughts are with the families of the victims, who may find it difficult to attain closure, yet have now been granted answers to the questions that had haunted them for years.”

Letby was withdrawn from her duties in the neonatal ward in 2016 after hospital leaders became suspicious in the wake of a year marked by perplexing infant deaths and near-fatal incidents.

Throughout the trial, it emerged that Letby, aged 33, composed a condolence card to console the grieving parents of one of the deceased babies, as reported by the BBC.

A copy of this card, containing the sentiment, “Your cherished one will be remembered with countless smiles,” was presented in court earlier this year.

Letby’s Emotional Message and Troubling Notes: Insights from the Trial and Self-Reflection

Letby penned, as reported by the BBC, “No words can truly ease this moment.

It was a profound honor to nurture [the child] and become acquainted with your family — a family that consistently prioritized [child] and spared no effort for her well-being.

She will forever remain intertwined with your lives, etched into our memories. Holding you in my thoughts, today and perpetually.”

In addition, Letby extended her apologies for her absence at the baby girl’s funeral.

“Regretfully, I am unable to join you in bidding farewell. Much love, Lucy x,” she conveyed.

During the earlier phases of the trial, prosecutors informed the jurors about the presence of Post-It notes uncovered at Letby’s residence, where she had inscribed confessions such as “evil” and “deliberately caused their deaths,” as detailed by the BBC.

While certain notes depicted her self-identified nature as a “terrible malevolent individual” unworthy of adequacy, others contained what prosecutor Nick Johnson disclosed to the court as “assertions of innocence.”

Among these notes was one that conveyed, “I have committed no wrongdoing, and they lack any evidence, so why have I been compelled to seclude myself?”


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