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Kyle Rittenhouse Flees Stage After Protesters Boo Him

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Kyle Rittenhouse Flees Stage After Protesters Boo Him

(CTN News) – A crowd of demonstrators booed Kyle Rittenhouse as he fled a stage at the University of Memphis on Wednesday night, which made him a darling of the right.

Several protesters wearing black T-shirts could be seen in video footage from the event. Kyle Rittenhouse was questioned by one of them concerning Charlie Kirk, a far-right conservative activist whose organization, Turning Point USA, sponsored Kyle Rittenhouse’s appearance.

Rittenhouse became defensive immediately after the protester claimed Kirk had made racist remarks.

Would you be able to describe it in your own words? What are some examples of the racism expressed by Charlie Kirk? From the podium, he responded. Let’s have a little discussion about what Charlie Kirk said in regards to racism.”

Despite the protester’s unfazed attitude, he continued to protest.

“He suggests that we do not celebrate Juneteenth and Martin Luther King Day, but instead work on those days. Among other things, he referred to Ketanji Brown Jackson as an affirmative action hire, he made nonsense about George Floyd, and he claimed that he would be scared if a Black pilot was aboard the plane. Does this not appear to be racist? ”

“Unfortunately, I do not know anything about that,” Kyle Rittenhouse responded, to jeers in the audience.

I asked the protester: “If I told you everything I had just said, would you consider that hate speech? ” the protester asked.

“I will not comment on that,” Kyle Rittenhouse replied, as boos once again erupted from the audience. Rittenhouse stayed on stage for a few seconds before storming off after being approached by an event organizer. The speaker left the stage without looking back or making any further remarks.

When he walked away from the crowd, the boos turned into cheers.

The protesters outnumbered those attending the event to support Kyle Rittenhouse by a wide margin before the event. “Put Rittenhouse behind bars, not on a podium” and “No killers on campus” were among the slogans they carried.

Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges in 2021 after a Wisconsin jury determined that he had killed the two protesters in self-defense, a controversial decision that many considered to be unfair. He became even more popular within the Republican Party after his acquittal, which auctioned off gun range time with him last spring.

As Rittenhouse explained from his hotel room after his abrupt exit from Memphis Wednesday night, he was not booed off stage but simply hit a hard cutoff time and decided to leave.


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