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Mar-a-Lago Is Suddenly Invited To People By Donald Trump

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Mar-a-Lago Is Suddenly Invited To People By Donald Trump

(CTN News) – The former United States president is suddenly inviting supporters to his Mar-a-Lago home.

Florida’s Palm Beach property had a busy weekend. On Saturday, several Trump fans said they had been personally invited to the resort. Others posted photos of their visit on Sunday. For comment, Newsweek contacted the Trump campaign via email.

Longtime supporter Valeria Bianco told WPTV that she waved at the former president’s motorcade when it passed Bingham Island. “One of Trump’s team members invited us to Mar-a-Lago when we passed it on the way to the airport.” she explained to me.

The group was instructed “to get into a Secret Service van, get checked out, and go to Mar-a-Lago.” She said the group was taken to a ballroom once they reached Trump’s home, “and lo and behold, our president appeared.”

During the photo-op with Trump, Bianco said he “acknowledged” the MAGA base’s continued support and that they “talked a bit about that.”

The following day, Al Baldasaro, a former New Hampshire state representative who has been referred to as “Trump’s biggest fan,” shared photos of his friends at the club on his Facebook page. On social media, he appears to have been joined by three of his friends who appear to be prominent supporters of the former president. They have attended various rallies and wear Trump memorabilia.

Seeing us on the water at Mar-A-Lago today, President Trump personally invited us all inside. Beautiful!” Baldasaro captioned the photo.

Jestin Nevarez was one of the men Baldasaro tagged in his post. Nevarez posted photos from inside Mar-a-Lago last month with the caption, “When the real President invites your friends to his house for lunch.”

He made headlines during Trump’s first presidential campaign as he attended “nearly every rally Trump held in the north-east” that year, speaking onstage as Trump’s coalition co-chairman. Baldasaro, a retired marine who previously advised Trump in 2016, attended almost every rally Trump held in the north-east that year.

When the group docked a boat decorated with pro-Trump flags near Mar-a-Lago, Judy Baldasaro said the group was invited in to the former president’s home.

‘Trump saw us on the boat and invited us in,’ Judy Baldasaro wrote on Facebook, according to Talking Points Memo. Apparently he sent his aide to run out and tell us to come in for refreshments. You can see Trump waving at us in the photos!

Although the former president was not able to join them because he was at another function, her husband said “we docked, beached our boats, and went in.”

“Trump saw it from a distance,” he said. On the balcony, he told one of his guys to call us, and one of his guys knew the cell phone number of the boat with the big flags, since they wave the flag for Trump.”


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