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King Charles Signed Painting Sells For Almost 10 Times its Original Estimate At Auction



King Charles Signed Painting Sells For Almost 10 Times its Original Estimate At Auction

(CTN News) – A CNN report King Charles III’s autographed Balmoral Castle painting has been sold at auction for more than 10 times its estimated value.

The British magazine People recently reported that a reproduction of a royal artwork from 2001 was one of the items offered for auction as part of Bonhams’ “The Scottish Home” event.

This print, one of 100, had a value of approximately $675 (Rs 55,000) but was purchased for a considerable amount more than its value, around $6,500 (Rs 5.3 Lakh).

According to CNN, referring to the bids placed before a live auction, Hamish Wilson, senior valuer at Bonhams, said, “In my experience as an auctioneer, I have never seen so many commission bids placed before the auction itself. I think that speaks for itself.”

See the King Charles Signed Painting here:

“There have never been so many pre-sale bids, so I’m afraid a lot of people will be disappointed if they don’t buy this,” he continued.

On the painting, which was sold with a certificate, King Charles inscribed the year 2001 in pencil.

The painting depicts Balmoral Castle, where Queen Elizabeth used to spend her summers in the past, welcoming many members of the royal family.

As well as being the site of the death of the longest-reigning monarch in history, this is also where he died.

A comprehensive exhibition of king Charles’s watercolours was held earlier this year at the Garrison Chapel in London. Outdoor sequences were filmed in Scotland, France, Africa, and elsewhere.

As reported by the outlet, King Charles stated in the exhibit’s display panel that he began painting because he found photography, Queen Elizabeth’s passion, “less than satisfying.”

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