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After 93 Years, Oakland’s Legendary Danish Bakery Closes



After 93 Years, Oakland's Legendary Danish Bakery Closes

(CTN News) – There will be final removal of the Oakland’s Danishes from the bakery case at 3:00 p.m. if they do not sell out before them, there will be a final removal.

It is with regret that we inform you that A Taste of Denmark in Oakland’s, which was originally  Neldam’s for the first eight decades of its existence, will close for all time on August 15, 2013.

There is a drop in the catering business due to a drop in cost and a drop in the popularity of post-pandemic holiday parties, said Telegraph Avenue business owner Ramon Luna to KPIX.

George Neldam founded the bakery in 1929. It survived through four generations of Neldams until 2010, when rocky economic times forced the Neldam family to close down the Oakland’s business.

Several employees of the company, including Luna, bought the business and renamed it, while keeping the traditional recipes and the business name.

It was no surprise that Neldam’s 80th birthday party in 2009 drew crowds of sentimental customers from all over the Oakland’s Bay Area, many of whom had grown up with the bakery’s high-quality, all-butter treats.

“Everything that came from Neldam’s was ‘ooh-la-la,'” said 80-year-old Mary Lee Kieffer, who spoke at that celebration for the Bay Area News Group.

In her early Oakland’s childhood, Kiefer, who grew up in Alameda, had eaten Neldam’s cakes on a regular basis ever since she could remember.

It would take them all the way from Alameda to come here,” she explained. As a matter of fact, that was before freeways! ”


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