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Iranian Official Calls For Muslim Nations To Boycott Danish And Swedish Products Over Quran Desecration




(CTN NEWS) – On the 22nd of July, a high-ranking official from the Iranian government issued a call for a complete boycott of products originating from Sweden and Denmark.

This action came in response to incidents of Quran burning that took place in those countries.

Iranian Official Calls for Muslim Nations to Boycott Danish and Swedish Products Over Quran Desecration

Mohsen Rezaei, the secretary of a prominent economic advisory body for the Iranian government, stated that Muslim nations should refrain from buying or using products manufactured or sold by Denmark and Sweden, citing their tolerance of Quran desecration as the reason for the boycott.

Rezaei emphasized that the boycott should be a part of the coordinated measures adopted by Islamic governments to condemn the desecration of the Quran in Sweden and Denmark.

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He condemned the acts as barbaric, rather than a display of freedom, in some European countries, particularly citing incidents in Sweden and Denmark.

He further stated that in order to prevent such heinous and inhumane acts from recurring, it is the duty of Muslim countries to boycott products from Sweden and Denmark, expel their ambassadors, and pursue legal action against those responsible and supporting such actions.

The anger of Islamic countries grew stronger after a second incident of Quran burning occurred in Sweden, with the approval of the police and administration.

Quran Burning Incidents Spark Protests and Diplomatic Tensions in Islamic Countries

On 21st July, another incident of Quran burning took place near the Iraqi Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Iran, as a response to these incidents, declared its refusal to accept a new Swedish ambassador and announced its decision to refrain from sending any new envoy to Sweden.

Protests against the Quran burning are spreading across Islamic countries.

In Baghdad, on the early hours of 22nd July, hundreds of people attempted to storm the heavily fortified Green Zone, which houses foreign embassies and the seat of Iraq’s government.

The protesters chanted slogans in support of the Quran.

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Protesters Set Fire to Danish Refugee Council Headquarters in Iraq; Iraqi Presidency Calls for Cease of Incitement

According to local media reports, there was another incident where the headquarters of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in the Basra governorate of Iraq was set on fire by protesters.

The executive director for the Middle East, Lilu Thapa, confirmed that their staff present at the time of the incident were physically unharmed, but the property sustained damage, with some structures being set ablaze.

The DRC has been actively operating in the country for more than two decades.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Presidency has issued a call to international organizations and Western governments, urging them to cease any form of incitement and hate practices, regardless of their justifications.

The official statement also cautioned Iraqi citizens against engaging in any actions that could be perceived as attempting to create unrest, describing such actions as a potential ‘plot of sedition’ with the intention of portraying Iraq as an unsafe place for foreign missions.

Denmark’s Foreign Minister Condemns Quran Burning as Provocative and Divisive Act

Denmark’s Foreign Minister, Lars Lokke Rasmussen, denounced Quran burning as a foolish act, even though it is not considered a crime in the country.

He expressed that insulting the religion of others is a disgraceful act and specifically mentioned that this applies to the burning of Qurans and other religious symbols.

According to him, such acts serve no purpose other than to provoke and create divisions.


In an official statement, Denmark’s Foreign Ministry addressed the issue, highlighting that Quran burning is a provocative act that deeply hurts many people and fosters division between different religions and cultures.

The ministry acknowledged that Denmark values its freedom of religion, with many Danish citizens being Muslims, who are considered an important part of the country’s population.

While Denmark supports the right to protest, the Foreign Ministry emphasized that any demonstrations must remain peaceful. They also underscored the importance of respecting freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.


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