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Highlights From UFC Fight Night: Stephen Thompson KOs Kevin Holland In The Latest Fight Of The Year

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Highlights From UFC Fight Night: Stephen Thompson KOs Kevin Holland In The Latest Fight Of The Year

(CTN News) – Even though Stephen Thompson is approaching his 40th birthday, he still has a lot of life left in MMA. A symphony of punches, kicks, knees and elbows were traded between Thompson and Holland in the main event of Saturday’s UFC Fight Night in Orlando, Florida.

They delivered a symphony of punches, kicks, knees and elbows.

Thompson’s fights tend to be rather mundane in nature. It is not uncommon for opponents to use wrestling-heavy tactics against him or they will be stifled by his outstanding karate skills.

As the fight dragged on, Holland did not back down, and he fought Thompson blow-for-blow, almost getting the better of the two-time UFC welterweight title challenger in the end.

Holland ate Thompson’s most effective shots in Round 1 and fired back with four times the impact he had in Round 2. When Thompson was hit with a powerful right hand, he became wobbly and retreated to the fence.

Holland threw a number of elbows at “Wonder boy“, and while Thompson survived the exchange, he did suffer welts and a cut to his left eyebrow as a result of the fight.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Stephen Thompson landed flush on Holland multiple times afterwards, including a combination that snapped Holland’s head back, but Holland remained remarkably unperturbed by the impact.

The fight between Stephen Thompson and Holland became more competitive in Round 2, with Thompson landing dynamic head kicks that had little effect on Holland.

Holland was finally stunned for a moment by a wave of punches directed by Stephen Thompson in a blitz of punches. In spite of the fact that the bout had a very competitive nature, Holland opted out of wrestling in rounds 2 and 3.

As a result of taking Thompson down, he immediately invited Stephen Thompson back up to his feet, a decision that would later come back to haunt him to this day.

After Holland slipped during the fight, Thompson returned the gesture in kind by making his own slip later on in the fight.

In the course of the fight, Stephen Thompson confidence increased tremendously as he progressed. In Round 1 of the fight, Holland was dealing with a damaged right hand — a problem he revealed after the fight as a result of his damaged hand.

Holland’s corner reminded him that this was an MMA fight, and he was imploring him to wrestle more during the fight.

In spite of Holland’s best efforts, Thompson managed to shrugs off multiple takedown attempts and punished Holland with kicks that were straight from a video game: switch jump kicks, spinning wheel kicks, and hook kicks that all cracked against the skull of Holland.

Holland was further immobilized by leg kicks as he leaning against the fence and attempted to roll with Thompson’s strikes as he attempted to roll against the fence.

There was a thudding liver kick in Round 4 that forced Holland to retreat from the field.

Strangely, it appeared that the fight had been stopped after the referee Dan Miragliotta waved it off. However, it turned out that Holland had been struck accidentally in the groin by Thompson.

At the end of Round 4, Stephen Thompson was finally able to ground Holland and launch ground-and-pound tactics, but he was unable to force Holland to stop the fight.

In the fourth and fifth rounds of the fight, Holland’s corner conceded defeat since he could no longer punch effectively with his right hand.

This was due to injuries sustained during the fight. It was officially ruled that the fight was over by Round 4 TKO via corner stoppage.


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