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Green Bay Police Apologize To Dillon, A Shove Was Given To Him By The Officer

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Green Bay Police

(CTN News) – The Packers’ running back A.J. Dillon has received a letter of apology from the Green Bay Police chief following the way one of his officers treated him during an exhibition soccer match at Lambeau Field earlier this month.

After an internal review of the July 23 incident, Davis issued an apology Friday and said the Green Bay Police department directed “appropriate corrective action” to the officer involved.

An official video posted on social media showed Dillon greeting fans in the stands during a soccer match between FC Bayern Munich and Manchester City FC.

A video shows an officer grabbing Dillon by the back of his collar just as he was about to leap into the crowd like a Lambeau. A shove was given to him by the officer.

In response to boos from the fans, the officer allowed Dillon to jump into the stands after he appeared to explain things.

A statement from Davis stated that he had “sustained two allegations of GBPD policy violations by the Green Bay Police officer involved and ordered appropriate corrective action.

” As a matter of respect for the employee’s due process rights, Davis said the department does not provide more details regarding personnel matters.

The Green Bay Police officer statement.

“I apologize for the way I treated Mr. Dillon,” Davis said. The Green Bay Police Department appreciates the strong relationship we have with the Packers organization, and we are committed to working together with the entire community to provide the best police service.

As a result of the police department’s follow-up, the Packers released a statement expressing appreciation.

In a statement, the Packers said they respected their process for reviewing the situation and its conclusions. “We value our partnership with the Department, and we appreciate all they do to ensure public safety at Lambeau Field events, including gamedays.

The Green Bay Police Department appreciates

Additionally, the Green Bay Police chief also said ”we are grateful for A.J. Dillon’s professional handling of the situation.”

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