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Marlyne Barrett, The Star Of Chicago Med, Suffers From Breast Cancer Herself

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Marlyne Barrett

(CTN News) – As Marlyne Barrett fights cancer, her life mirrors that of her “Chicago Med” character. According to People, the Brooklyn native was diagnosed with uterine and ovarian cancer over the summer. She also appeared on “The Wire” and “Kings.”

“Even though I’m extremely private, I felt compelled to share my story,” said Marlyne Barrett, referring to Maggie Lockwood’s battle with breast cancer, which is seen in episodes filmed back in 2019.

As humans, we are so afraid to even mention the word cancer, let alone face the mortality of life. But we have so much more strength inside of us than we think.”

Fans rally around Marlyne Barrett after cancer diagnosis

When Marlyne Barrett fictional nurse was battling cancer, she said “a sea of people” connected with her on social media and “brought me courage, and I felt an inevitability to meet their hearts.”

The expecting mom learned in July that she had a football-sized tumor on her uterus and left ovary, which she said made her look “nine months pregnant” and left her with “shortness of breath, but no pain.”

She recalled shaving her head in front of her children so they would still recognize her, despite giving up her lifelong “essence of beauty” in solidarity with Barrett.

As Marlyne Barrett wept. However, it was a beautiful experience to perform it in front of them.”

Despite being shocked by the initial diagnosis of breast cancer and the decision to undergo aggressive chemotherapy, followed by a hysterectomy.

Marlyne Barrett “found this courage and just hunkered down and said, ‘I’m willing to face this’ … I think it’s okay not to have everything together. It is impossible to hold onto fear tangibly. However, I am holding onto my faith.”

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