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Free Premium On Telegram If You Use This Dangerous Feature

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Free Premium On Telegram If You Use This Dangerous Feature

(CTN News) – In an attempt to expand its popularity, Telegram, the popular messaging app, has started to offer free premium membership to users who sign up for a feature that could pose potential privacy risks.

There is a free premium membership option that Telegram offers to users who agree to allow the app to use their phones as SMS OTP relays.

A reverse engineer by the name of Assemble Debug was the first to notice this feature, which has now been seen on Android devices in several different regions.

It works in this manner by allowing the users to use their phones as a relay to send SMS OTPs to other Telegram users trying to log into their accounts by using their phones as a relay device.

The user will have to pay for his or her SMS charges in addition to Premium, which could end up charging more than what a Telegram Premium membership would cost.

This is due to the fact that plans on sending a maximum of 150 SMS OTPs through a user’s smartphone every month through. In order to qualify for Premium,

Telegram requires users to hit a certain quota of SMS messages in a specific period of time.

There is a major concern regarding the privacy of users in light of the possibility that strangers could find personal phone numbers and use them for spam or fraud.

Although Telegram offers a feature that enables users to hide their phone numbers from strangers, the use of a phone as a relay for SMS messages could expose the details of a user’s contact through account.

Even worse, Telegram will not take any responsibility for any damage that may occur to its users through this feature, as indicated by its terms of service.

It is expected that will be protected from any claims of damage resulting from peer-to-peer logins by users in the future.

Users of Telegram are advised not to interact with people who have received an OTP code from their phone number, yet there is currently no mechanism in place to enforce this advice for users.


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