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Flaco, The Beloved New York Owl, Died After Colliding With a Building

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Flaco, The Beloved New York Owl, Died After Colliding With a Building

(CTN News) – Flaco, an eagle-owl that became a New York celebrity last year after escaping Central Park Zoo and evading capture attempts, died in an apparent collision with a building on the Upper West Side.

A local rescue group, Wild Bird Fund, reported the incident on Friday afternoon. In the courtyard of an apartment building, Flaco was unresponsive and face down when they arrived on scene.

A preliminary examination by the group suggests that may have struck a window, but there could be another underlying cause. An autopsy will be conducted at the Bronx Zoo on the beloved owl owned by the Central Park Zoo.

Rita McMahon, the director of Wild Bird Fund, stated, “Everyone loved that bird, and he was an inspirational ambassador.”

About a year before he died, Flaco flourished in the city

An exhibit mesh was cut on exhibit last year, which caused him to flee the Central Park Zoo.

When Flaco was first introduced to the concrete jungle, zoo officials feared the worst. The Eurasian eagle-owl can go weeks without food, but when it is time to eat, it hunts small mammals such as rats. In New York, there are plenty of those, but some feared that would accidentally consume rat poison.

In spite of these concerns, Flaco seemed to thrive in the city. With no sign of struggle, he soared overhead and hooted to attract New Yorkers’ attention.

As he evaded attempts to be brought back to the zoo over a decade ago, Flaco has become a symbol of freedom and resilience.

He was carefully watched by Central Park Zoo staff in case he displayed any signs of distress or difficulty. However, Flaco seemed mostly comfortable in the wild that is New York City.

It is unclear who damaged  exhibit to this day. In response to death, the Central Park Zoo said such stunts endanger the safety of animals they care for. This past year, Flaco thrived and captured hearts.

NYC Audubon estimates that 90,000 to 230,000 birds die each year from collisions with building glass in New York City.


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