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South Carolina’s Republican Presidential Primary Ends Today

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South Carolina's Republican Presidential Primary Ends Today

(CTN News) – South Carolina’s former ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, faces a key election today in her bid for the GOP presidential nomination.

While Haley has served as governor of the state twice, she has not yet been elected to the office of president. Throughout this election campaign, most polls have shown her lagging significantly behind former President Donald Trump, who has been the party’s front-runner by a wide margin.

In spite of this, Haley’s campaign has spent a great deal of time and resources in South Carolina. Last month, her campaign raised millions of dollars – including some contributions from a billionaire.

It was announced on Tuesday that she would remain in the race regardless of whether she won the South Carolina primary.

“South Carolina will vote on Saturday, but on Sunday I will still run for president,” Haley said during her campaign speech in Greenville, South Carolina. As far as I am concerned, I will not be leaving.”

The candidate has also pledged to continue campaigning until “the last person votes.” She told NPR that she would remain in the race at least through Super Tuesday, which is on March 5.

In response to Haley’s question, she said, “I have not actually sat down and thought about what comes next.”. She continued, “Our goal was to have as many states vote as possible between South Carolina and Super Tuesday, to ensure that people’s voices are heard.”.

She announced on Friday that she would be launching a “seven-figure” national advertising campaign in advance of Super Tuesday.

In response to Haley’s decision to remain in the race, Trump has mocked her. In a town hall event hosted by Fox News on Tuesday in Greenville, S.C., Trump stated, “I do not think she knows how to withdraw from the race.”

He replied, “I really do not.”. Her only problem is that she is unable to get herself to leave.

In South Carolina, voting closes at 7 p.m., Eastern Time.


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