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5 Signs Poker School Might Be Right for You

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Poker School

According to the World Series of Poker, there are over 100 million poker players around the world. Unsurprisingly, over 60 million of these players are based in the US, where poker has skyrocketed in popularity in the last two decades.

Much of this boom is thanks to the availability of online poker platforms. It’s easier than ever to play a casual game in a virtual setting, whether with a random playing pool or with friends. Still, despite the game’s popularity, it can be tough to learn even the basics.

Luckily for those who find that they check the boxes below, finding a poker school isn’t too difficult. In fact, even those who stick to free poker online platforms will likely have access to a quality guide from a seasoned pro. Global Poker, for example, offers a poker school that includes information on various games, from Omaha to Surge to Texas Hold’em.

Keep in mind that the most important element of improving poker play is to stay relaxed and have fun. Think you might benefit from a little studying? Keep reading if your poker game isn’t improving—it may be due to these common factors.

1: Overcalling (Calling Pre-flop)

Overcalling is to call on a bet that the second player has already called on. This is most common for smaller games, as there are certain situations in a larger field when overcalling might be a strategy. For newcomers, however, overcalling is often an attempt to avoid flopping.

Unfortunately, flopping is part of the game—and overcalling is a chronic issue. Don’t be afraid to throw a hand back into the pile than waste any more time seeing how things will pan out.

2: Inability to Resolve Tilt

No matter how professional a poker player is, tilt can be hard to overcome—just ask Phill Hellmuth, one of poker’s biggest stars and also known as The Poker Brat. But learning to overcome tilt is pivotal for those who find themselves drawn to the game.

Keep a lookout for something called the ‘stealth tilt’. Players swear they aren’t in a full tilt yet… but they’re definitely headed there with no chance for recourse. Stay on top of your mental and emotional state at all times, and bow out accordingly.

3: Cold Calling on Large Raises

Similar to overcalling, cold calling is when a player calls… even if they have no money or chips in the pot. This might seem tempting, as there’s less perceived risk. However, there are typically strict parameters for when cold calling pays off.

Typically, a cold call is a good move when a player has a pocket pair and two opponents have already called.

4: FPS

FPS, also known as Fancy Play Syndrome, is a common issue for beginners. Many times, players dive into tried-and-true strategies to help them learn the ropes. While exploring aspects like probability and strategy are always a solid bet in poker, it’s important not to get bogged down with highly technical plays.

Keep in mind that straightforward plays are typically preferred to tricky tactics, and slowing down the play won’t do anything to help a sub-par hand.

5: Staying Overly Focused on the Game

This might be confusing for beginners, as paying attention to the game is one of the best ways to pick up new tricks and get in those critical practice hours. However, it’s easy for players to become absorbed with their own hands and how they plan to play round by round.

In reality, newcomers can learn quite a bit from also studying other players. In fact, when it comes to building on a foundation of poker knowledge, observing other players can be extremely helpful. Heading to poker school for a few quick lessons can help refocus a player’s attention on the most important elements of the game.


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