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Everything You Need to Know About Leveling Up in Destiny 2 Game: The Witch Queen



Destiny 2 game

Since the release of the new game expansion, regular players have experienced major changes that affect light level. It has been significantly increased and now everyone who wants to reach the maximum level should try hard because the bar has been raised and now the upper limit is 1560.

Everything would be fine if not for the fact that every player starts at a fairly low level, regardless of whether you are just starting to play for the first time or you are a regular player who is quite familiar with the game world. Everyone who starts playing starts at level 1350 and it may seem that reaching the maximum level is like flying to the moon. However, it’s not all that bad, if you’re determined to reach the highest level, then you will succeed.

We will help you with our tips on how to quickly increase your level and what you need to do for this.

What determines the level of light

There are several things in this game that affect how your character’s level is determined. First of all, your equipment and ammunition are of great importance. Moreover, it matters not only what is on your character, what he carries with him, but also what you have in your inventory, as well as in the place where all your resources and weapons are stored. In addition, the level of the seasonal artifact that you have plays a big role.

What you wear on your character is summed up by level, that is, your equipment on various parts of the body is taken into account here. Moreover, the main and additional weapons, as well as what weapons you have in occupied slots, matter. The game also takes into account other items that may be on you, so you must pay special attention to every little thing.

An important thing that affects your level is the amount of experience you gain this season. It can be leveled up in a variety of ways, ranging from simple tasks, quests, as well as fights in which you participate with other players.

Top events to help you level up

Starting to complete various tasks, gain experience, and do other things that will help you increase your level, you will reach certain limits, of which there are only 3 in this expansion. First, you will move to the lower limit, which is one and a half thousand. There seems to be a big gap from the entry-level, but don’t worry as you can quickly and easily get to the lower limit.

Having reached the lower limit, you should start hunting for useful rewards that will be given to you for various activities. In your menu, you can find marked places where non-player characters are located, which can give you tasks for which you will receive powerful rewards. Any action can lead you to receive valuable rewards. As rewards, you will receive higher-level equipment that will quickly help you reach the average level cap. Such rewards can usually be received once a week.

One of the useful sources of rewards is engrams, which are randomly dropped if you kill powerful opponents. They can bring you rare loot, powerful weapons, and also armor.

After reaching the average limit, the number of activities that will help you quickly level up is significantly reduced. In this regard, you should engage in those activities that will bring you rewards marked as Pinnacle. Only in this case, you will be able to get new, more powerful weapons that will help you raise the level to the upper limit.

These activities include Nightfall: The Ordeal, the completion of which can bring you over one hundred thousand reward points. Such activity is available only once a week, so you should try especially hard. Also, look for other activities that are only available once a week to help you earn similar rewards.

You can also complete various contracts, win matches without defeat, collect engrams, and complete weekly challenges available to you.

Helpful tips

Don’t collect Pinnacle rewards before reaching the lower limit

In general, it is not recommended to look for and complete activities that can give you such rewards, as this will be less effective. Because at this stage, they will not bring much benefit. It’s best to leave it for later when their value is meaningful. You can continue to participate in strikes, achieve goals, and receive other worthy rewards to help you level up.

Complete the campaign on hard difficulty

You should take care to start the campaign. It is worth saying that you can choose between two difficulty levels. All players will be able to pass the first one, even those who have not played this game before but choosing a difficult level, you will have to beat your brains out.

However, the second option is the most preferable. This is because by choosing the Legendary difficulty, you will be able to increase your level faster, as well as get a lot of goodies and rewards. Therefore, it is better to spend time and make every effort, for the sake of what, in the end, will be more useful to you.

If you choose a difficult level, then try to pass it on your own or with your friends. However, you should not gather a large team of players, because the more you have, the more difficult this campaign will become for you.


The release of the new expansion gave many players new opportunities, challenges, and tasks. Many have seen changes regarding the light level and reaching the maximum level. By following the above tips, you will quickly level up your character.


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