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What Are the New Google Helpful Content Update to Change SEO?

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What Are the New Google Helpful Content Update to Change SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) keeps your website relevant and ranked high in search results.

This process is a vital factor in your brand’s visibility. Aside from that, creating quality content and knowing the new Google helpful content update is also vital.

What are the broad core updates for September 2022? How does the core update impact search rankings?

Google shuffles its algorithm a few times each year. So it would help if you were up to date with the core and helpful content updates to know the volatility of your site.

You see, only those skilled in detecting the pattern of algorithm changes and reverse engineering them can help you achieve long-term SEO results.

Check this website and see how it applies the same statistical insight used by Google for increased conversion rates and lower cost of customer acquisition.

Meanwhile, this article discusses Google’s core updates for September 2022. It also covers the implementation time, the updates’ effects on search rankings, and what you can do about them.

Broad Core Updates for September 2022

A core algorithm update is a change in the search engine results and mainly affects publishers and search marketers. Hit websites will feel the algorithm update fluctuation days after the announcement.

Google announced on September 12 the new core update. So far, the update isn’t as impactful as the core update last May 2022.

The effect occurred right after the announcement, but its volatility didn’t impact the data.

Google has stated that the update of September 2022 will affect the ones who make product reviews in English for the initial rollout but will be for any language as the update finishes.

Compared to the May update, the volatility trends compared with the September 2022 core update decreased by 53%.

The fact that the May 2022 update impacted less than its previous update, this one also provides a less significant effect.

Since announcing the update on September 12, 2022, the update is not yet officially done.

According to Google, completing the core update will take two weeks.

Last August 25, 2022, Google Helpful Content Update started rolling out.

It took 15 days to update and ended on September 9, 2022. It filters out the website that is considered unhelpful content created for search engines.

So to simply put it, it targets websites mainly written for ranking on Google search results and not to help users.

The new helpful content update specifically helps searchers see the quality and helpful content before the websites that use the SEO and technology to have their pages upfront.

This HCU rewards writers and websites that create premium content written for human readers.

The Helpful Content Update was supposed to bring significant changes to the search community, but its impact is now uncertain.

The helpful content is part of the core algorithm update. It is operational for the new websites to be affected by that algorithm component Helpful Content Update (HCU).

So far, Google has not addressed directly if the new core update will significantly affect the Helpful Content Update. Anyway, it’s too early to say since the update is not yet over.

The Impact of the Core Update on Search Ranking

You may not see it, but Google tweaks its daily algorithm to change the rankings in Google search results. These daily changes in the algorithm don’t cause too much alteration.

The change you should look out for is the core update that Google does several times a year.

This core update causes significant fluctuations in the search results. You should be aware of the changes because you might see your content in trouble regarding its rank.

To put it in a nutshell, Google shuffles the search rankings of indexed web pages, which may threaten the content of various websites.

Articles that ranked high in search results may find their website ranked low after the core update due to the changes in the algorithm.

There are two ways to analyze the impact of core updates to search rankings. One is visibility, and another is volatility.

Visibility shows the organic presence of a website in Google’s search results. Once the metric of your visibility rises, your website’s rank also increases.

Once the domain loses keywords, the metric of your visibility is decreasing.

Nevertheless, you’ll know if your website got affected by the core update if its visibility significantly increases or decreases. That is also how you figure out the volatility of your website.

We can analyze the volatility fluctuation rate of new core updates into four intent keywords. Navigational, commercial, transactional, and informational.

This keyword intent is navigational, where people search for a particular website.

The commercial is the brands and services that people search for specifically. Transactional is where you complete a purchase or an action.

Lastly, informational is when you find a specific answer to a question or search for particular information.

The May 2022 core update has shown 50% volatility for informational and transactional.

There are no specific answers to your question, “What if you were negatively hit by the update?”.

What you can further ask is what went wrong or what has changed. Does the content you make provide helpful information or data? Does it provide a complete description?

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