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Diplomatic Staff Leave Ecuador After Embassy Raid, Mexico Says

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Diplomatic Staff Leave Ecuador After Embassy Raid, Mexico Says

(CTN News) – During a raid that sparked searing international condemnations, Ecuador’s security forces stormed the Mexican embassy. This prompted Mexico’s foreign minister to announce that diplomatic personnel were leaving on Sunday.

According to Barcena, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena will return home with his or her head held high following the assault on the Ecuadorian embassy, according to a post on social network X, formerly Twitter.

Spain and the European Union joined Latin American countries and the UN chief in denouncing the raid on the Ecuadorian embassy to arrest former vice president Jorge Glas, who was sheltering there. As a result of Glas seeking refuge in Ecuador due to alleged corruption,

The Ecuadorian government issued an arrest warrant against him last December.

In a raid that was almost unheard of on diplomatic premises considered inviolable sovereign territory, Ecuadoran special forces equipped with a battering ram surrounded the embassy on Friday and at least one agent scaled the walls.

Mexico’s foreign ministry said on Saturday that diplomatic personnel and their families would depart Ecuador the next day, accompanied by officials from “friends and allies.”

Due to rising tensions, a military plane was ruled out for the 18-member group traveling to Mexico City on a commercial airline.

In a separate statement, the Mexican Foreign Ministry said the officials and their families were accompanied to the airport by the ambassadors of Germany, Panama, Cuba and Honduras.

A complaint will be filed against Ecuador at the International Court of Justice by Mexico’s President andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who called the raid a flagrant violation of Mexico’s sovereignty.

While attempting to prevent the invasion, Mexican officers pushed Roberto Canseco to the ground, which they condemned as “physical violence.”

In the aftermath of the raid, Canseco told local television, “There is no way this can be possible. This is crazy!”.

The regional governments of Nicaragua, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Peru and Venezuela have all condemned the attack.

Spanish and the European Union both condemned the raid as a violation of the Vienna Convention, while UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was “alarmed” by the raid.

As stipulated in the 1961 Convention on International Relations, a country may not intrude upon its own embassy.

In its statement, the EU said protecting the integrity of diplomatic missions and their personnel is crucial for maintaining stability and international order. Police surrounded the embassy on Saturday, and the Mexican flag had been lowered


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