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During A Solar Eclipse In 2024, Here Are Some Dos And Don’ts

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During A Solar Eclipse In 2024, Here Are Some Dos And Don'ts

(CTN News) – A total solar eclipse will take place on April 8 and will be one of the most significant astronomical events of the year.

A total darkening of the sky, also known as totality, will be visible across a 185-kilometre stretch between Mexico, the United States, and Canada during this eclipse. There are also 18 states that will be able to catch a glimpse of it as well. Skywatchers in India, however, won’t be able to see it because it won’t be visible there.

In a total solar eclipse, the Moon and the Sun are on the same plane, and the Moon is at such a distance from the Earth that it covers the Sun for a short period of time due to its distance from the Earth.

There is usually a smaller amount of land that can be seen during a total solar eclipse than during a partial solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse will take place on April 8, 2024 at 9:12 p.m. IST, will reach totality at 10:08 p.m., and will conclude at 2:22 a.m. on April 9, 2024, at 2:22 a.m. IST.

At approximately 11:07 am PDT, totality is expected to strike the Pacific coast of Mexico first, and is expected to exit Maine at approximately 1:30 pm PDT.

Here are some dos and don’ts during the solar eclipse:

  1. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration advises that people who can view the Sun during this time should carry specialised eye protection gear.

  2. Sunglasses that are not designed for viewing eclipses are not safe for viewing the eclipse. Solar viewing glasses or handheld solar viewers should be used at all times to ensure that the person is able to see the sun safely.

  3. Wearing eclipse glasses, or using a handheld solar viewer to observe the Sun, is not recommended, as the sunlight may be obstructed by the lens of a camera, telescope, binoculars, or any other optical device. According to NASA, this can result in eye injuries if it hits the eye.

  4. When the eclipse is taking place, make sure your headlights are on.

  5. The solar eclipse should not be viewed by children without the supervision of their parents.

  6. It is important that you have a filter on your device and your eyes while clicking a picture to protect both.


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