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Delta Airlines Passenger Opens Plane Door And Triggers Emergency Slide



Delta Airlines Passenger Opens Plane Door And Triggers Emergency Slide

(CTN News) – An alleged “unruly passenger” was placed in custody after opening an emergency slide on Delta when he opened the exit door on the plane.

At the time of the incident on Saturday, the flight departing from Los Angeles International Airport and heading to Seattle was still on the tarmac and pushing away from the gate when the incident took place.

In a tweet posted on Twitter, Gillian Sheldon reported that she witnessed a man running up from the back of the airplane during the Delta flight. It happened just as the plane took off from LAX’s gate that he opened the flight door.

The flight attendants tried to stop him, but the slide was deployed and he jumped out of the plane.”

In a later interview with NBC Los Angeles, Ms Sheldon said that the passenger “clearly was agitated, nervous, anxious, or freaked out about something odd during the flight”.

Her claim was that the man was uncooperative and ignored orders from the staff, and he was not cooperating with them.

According to Ms Sheldon, “she [the flight attendant] turned to him and told him, ‘You need to go back to your seat,’ and he replied, ‘What do I do now,’ and grabbed hold of the door when she spoke.”.

Ms Sheldon continued that the flight attendant told the man that he was having trouble opening the door and that she grabbed him and he opened the door within two seconds.

An Delta unruly passenger has been reported by the police

It has been confirmed that Delta Airlines had a problem with an “unruly passenger”. Delta officials say the man was first detained by Delta staff members before the police arrived on the scene.

In addition to that, Los Angeles Airport Police Captain Karla Rodriguez also confirmed to NBC Los Angeles that the FBI has been notified about the incident.

A passenger on the plane was taken off and moved to another Delta aircraft to continue their journey, she said.

Adding to Ms Rodriguez’s statement, she also mentioned that no arrests had been made, but that the man had been “transported to a local hospital for a mental evaluation”.


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