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Currently, Nearly 1,000 Phuket Hotels Are Considered ‘illegal’

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Currently, Nearly 1,000 Phuket Hotels Are Considered 'illegal'

(CTN News) – Due to their unauthorized use of public property, 994 small Phuket Thai restaurants Phuket are facing closure. Approximately 53% of the investigated properties violated building control laws. The most common law broken by hotels was environmental law.

A number of unlicensed hotels have been built in zones that are restricted, such as agricultural land, zones in city planning guidelines, and national park areas, according to the deputy Phuket governor. Building Control Act violations were discovered in a few cases.

Phuket hastens assistance for 900 illegally built small hotels

There is a requirement for environmental impact assessments for hotels larger than 4,000 square metres or with more than 80 rooms.

The province asked the Land Department of the Interior Ministry for help converting condominiums into hotels. Before such a property can be converted into a hotel, however, any condominiums or residential estates registered on it must be removed.

In order to assist those affected and other hotels in other provinces, the Department of Provincial Administration is enforcing the hotel laws.

In 2014, the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), which was originally established as a quasi-government body (disbanded in 2019), failed to pass such a law, so hotels could not request government assistance, so the hotel laws could not be extended. Liquidity problems resulted from a penalty.

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