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Chinese Woman Travels to Pakistan to Marry a Guy Whom She Met on Social Media



Chinese Woman Travels to Pakistan to Marry a Guy Whom She Met on Social Media

(CTN News) – In a heartwarming cross-border love story, a 21-year-old Chinese woman named Gao Feng embarked on a journey to Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to marry the love of her life, an 18-year-old man named Javed, whom she had met and fallen in love with on Snapchat.

The couple’s friendship had blossomed into a deep romantic relationship over three years of virtual communication.

Their determination to be together led to Gao’s conversion to Islam and a beautiful ‘nikkah’ ceremony, sealing their bond. Despite security concerns, their love prevailed, and they are now planning a future together, bridging cultures and borders.

A Cross-Border Love Blossoms on Snapchat

Gao Feng and Javed’s love story began in the digital realm, as they connected on Snapchat three years ago. Despite residing in different countries and cultures, they defied all odds and nurtured their friendship, which eventually evolved into a profound love that transcended borders.

From China to Pakistan: A Journey of Love

Last week, Gao Feng arrived in Islamabad on a three-month visit visa through Gilgit, eager to meet Javed in person for the first time. Their desire to be together led them to the Lower Dir District, where Gao stayed at the home of Javed’s maternal cousin, Izzatullah Khan, in Samarbagh.

 Love Knows No Boundaries: A Wedding in Pakistan

In a touching display of commitment, Gao Feng underwent a conversion to Islam and married Javed in a heartwarming ‘nikkah’ ceremony. However, concerns for her safety prompted local authorities to advise the couple to relocate to Islamabad.

 Plans for the Future: Resolving Legalities for a Court Marriage in China

Although Gao will return to China in a few days, the couple’s love remains strong. Javed, who is pursuing a Computer Science course at Bajaur Degree College, plans to join Gao in China after completing his education, which is expected to take about a year. The couple aims to have a court marriage in China, overcoming legal hurdles for their future together.

Love Triumphs Across Borders: Celebrating Diverse Cross-Border Unions

This remarkable love story is not an isolated incident. In the same region, another cross-border romance unfolded between an Indian woman named Anju and a Pakistani man named Nasrullah, who connected through Facebook.

Similarly, a Pakistani mother of four, Seema Ghulam Haider, crossed into India to be with her Hindu partner, Sachin Meena, whom she met while playing PUBG in 2019. These stories remind us that love can transcend cultural, religious, and geographical boundaries.


Gao Feng and Javed’s extraordinary love story is a testament to the power of human connection, breaking barriers and stereotypes. Love, indeed, knows no borders and can conquer all obstacles. The couple’s resilience and dedication inspire us to believe in the magic of cross-border love stories as they plan their future together, bridging China and Pakistan.

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