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India Will Celebrate Cow Hug Day on February 14 Instead of ‘Western’ Valentine’s Day

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India Will Celebrate Cow Hug Day on February 14 Instead of 'Western' Valentine's Day

(CTN News) – Valentine’s Day “western” customs should be abandoned, the Indian government has recommended, and the nation should instead celebrate by embracing its holy cows.

The 14th of February has been proclaimed Cow Hug Day, when people are urged to hug animals. Hinduism, the country’s dominant religion, regards cows as sacred and revered throughout India.

Hugging a cow “will offer emotional richness” and “will boost our individual and social happiness,” claims the official statement.


The recently established Cow Hug Day is meant to counteract the “dazzle of western civilization,” which the government said had come at the expense of India’s more ancient customs.

Valentine’s Day, which began as a Christian feast day, has grown in popularity among young people over the past ten years as India’s economy has opened up.

This popularity has been fueled by aggressive mass marketing campaigns that feature flower bouquets, teddy bears, heart-shaped gifts, and flamboyant romantic gestures.

But as a more forceful strain of Hindu nationalism has gained ground in India, westernized celebrations and customs like Valentine’s Day have come under fire for espousing “corrupt” principles.

Right-wing vigilante groups have destroyed stores selling Valentine’s cards and decorations, and targeted couples spotted holding hands.

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These organizations often engage in the moral policing of women. A lot of the abuse against Valentine’s Day has been directed at women, with claims that the day promotes female promiscuity and impolite behavior.

The newest effort by the Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) administration to make respect for cows a national policy is Cow Hug Day.

Cow slaughter is prohibited in most Indian states, and the sale and consumption of beef are outlawed in many other locations, including Delhi, the nation’s capital.

The National Cow Commission created a planned national test in “cow science” as part of the BJP’s revamped curriculum, but it was delayed in 2021 amid accusations that it promoted religious pseudoscience on India’s cows.

There were dubious assertions in the textbooks that Indian cows are more emotional than those from other countries, that their humps have magical properties, and that their manure can shield you from radiation.

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