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China Threatens Retaliation Over Restrictions On Chinese Tourists Entering Other Countries

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China Threatens Retaliation Over Restrictions On Chinese Tourists Entering Other Countries

(CTN News) – China is retaliating as governments across the globe implement regulations on Chinese tourists visiting their nations.

Despite the big Covid-19 wave sweeping the mainland, preparations for the January 8 reopening are still in place, enabling a significant portion of Chinese tourists to go to vacation spots all over the globe.

Not just that, however! Foreign Minister Qin Gang said Wednesday at a regular briefing that China is threatening retaliation against any nation restricting Chinese travelers.

“We think that certain nations’ entrance restrictions against China lack a scientific foundation, and other extreme practices are even more objectionable.


We will take countermeasures based on the principle of reciprocity since we vehemently reject efforts to use the Covid measures for political ends.

Due to concerns of a Covid revival brought on by the influx of Chinese tourists, several nations have prepared particular measures or bans.

Before boarding an aircraft, the US, Canada, and Australia all need at least a Covid test.

Many European nations, including South Korea, India, and Japan, have implemented similar policies. Morocco, on the other hand, has put a temporary ban on all travelers from China.

The governments of other nations criticize China for providing opaque infection statistics and suggesting that millions of individuals may have been sick in recent weeks.

China’s National Health Commission claims they have been transparent and have met with the World Health Organization twice in the last month to provide information and statistics on treatment, immunization, and the general status of COVID.

Throughout the outbreak, China implemented among the tightest lockdown and control measures available, but limits abruptly loosened, causing a broad spike.

Ironically, China has always had one of the strictest entry requirements, making the threat of revenge against nations that limit its nationals rather hilarious.

Thailand is Ready to Host an Infected Tide Of Chinese Tourists

They will no longer enforce the necessary 5-day arrival isolation time and the mandatory 3-day self-isolation period starting on Sunday, January 8. Still necessary, however, is a negative Covid test within 48 hours after the travel.

China’s strong attitude has received a response from other nations. The US said there was no need for retaliation since they were acting following science and public health.

According to France’s Prime Minister, the government protects the French people as required. All aircraft from China will be tested for wastewater in Austria and Belgium.

Sweden is pressing for travel restrictions and has demanded a uniform approach for the whole EU while serving as the rotating leader of the EU.

According to Transport Secretary Mark Harper, the UK’s testing strategy is in place because China hasn’t given its data.

“The strategy’s primary goal for arrivals from China is to gather data that the Chinese government does not divulge to the rest of the world.

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