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India Becomes the Second Largest Contributor to Singapore after Chinese Tourists



India Becomes the Second Largest Contributor to Singapore after Chinese Tourists

(CTN News) – India currently has more tourists visiting Singapore than China does. The second-highest number of visitors visiting Singapore comes from India.

According to the news agency ANI, China had the most visitors to the island country before the Covid-19 outbreak.

According to figures from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), 612,300 visitors from India came to Singapore until November 2022.

They also remain the longest, with an average stay of 8.61 days as opposed to an average of 5.19 days. Comparatively, Malaysians remained an average of 4.28 days, Indonesians 4.66 days, and Australians 4.05 days.

Up to November, Indonesia accounted for 986,900 of Singapore’s international visitors, followed by Malaysia (495,470), Australia (476,480), and the Philippines (325,480), according to ANI.

According to official figures, these four nations combined makeup over half (48%) of all visitors to the tiny island state.

With the support of tourists from Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and Australia, Singapore is expected to have its greatest tourism year since the Covid-19 epidemic shut down the travel industry.

There were 5.37 million international immigrants in Singapore. The Singapore Tourism Board predicted that 4 and 6 million tourists would visit Singapore in 2022 in July of this year.

It seems like Singapore tourism will reach a new post-pandemic level by 2023 after China said this week that it would finally let its residents go overseas once again.

Around 816,000 people visited in both October and November. Because December is typically a busy travel month for tourists visiting Singapore, it is anticipated that this number will hold steady and that there will be around 6.2 million arrivals.

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