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Why are Some Places Imposing COVID Testing On Visitors From China?



Why are Some Places Imposing COVID Testing On Visitors From China

(CTN News) – There was no uncertainty about what would occur when a nation of 1.4 billion people abruptly abandoned its zero-Covid policy after almost three years.

An increase in cases was caused by low immunization rates and weak natural immunity, which coincided with China’s impending easing of travel restrictions for its nationals.

Therefore, several nations are already requiring Covid testing and potential quarantine for tourists from China out of concern about an increase in cases.

The Omicron, in its many incarnations, not some radical new version, is causing the Covid tsunami to impact China.

BF.7 and BQ.1 are branches of the BA.5 lineage, which belongs to the Omicron “family” and is more virulent and contagious than any prior Covid strain.

However, these Omicron sub-variants have often been found outside China, notably in the UK.

Although Omicron has dominated the worldwide variant landscape for more than a year, it is still possible that a new variation of concern may appear.

The lack of surveillance data leaving China is a major factor in why several nations enforce Covid checks on travelers from that nation. The likelihood of Covid evolving is increased by the amount of the virus in circulation.

But new varieties may appear anywhere; in the past, variants of concern have likely originated in the UK, Brazil, South Africa, and India.

Will the new Covid test limits thus have any impact?

Many nations need visitors from China to have a negative Covid test to be admitted.

According to the US, this would “delay the spread” of the virus while researchers tried to find any new mutations that could appear. However, no one is claiming that this would reduce the number of Covid cases.

Italy has taken things a step further and requires post-arrival PCR testing on travelers from China. Those who test positive must stay in isolation for several days.

The virus’s genome can now be sequenced, facilitating the hunt for novel varieties. However, it will also increase traffic at airports.

According to Giorgia Meloni, the prime minister of Italy, those Chinese travelers who have tested positive so far are carriers of “Omicron variations already existing in Italy.”

Italy wants an EU-wide solution to the problem, but the EU’s disease agency thinks it is “unjustified” for several reasons.

There is a lot of Covid available in the UK. Every week, probably over a million individuals get infected at work, at home, or while socializing—in other words, anywhere people congregate. According to the most recent ONS poll, 1 in 45 persons had the virus earlier this month.

But because of a mix of immunizations and recurrent infections from natural sources, most of the UK population is quite well protected against serious diseases.

That indicates that Covid is no longer a threat, even though there is still a chance for danger here.

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