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Black Friday 2021- How to Prepare Your Online Store This Year



black friday 2021

With Black Friday 2021 almost here, you should be prepared for the influx of customers. Whether you are running an online store or a physical one, you need to be prepared for all the customers looking for discounts. Here are some of the best tips to help you prepare for Black Friday 2021.

Start Planning Early

You should start making the arrangements for Black Friday 2021 as early as now. It will be overwhelming if you plan for everything at the last minute. Start estimating the number of customers you should expect as early as possible. Remember, if you are giving amazing discounts, the customers will be higher.

Check Your Site Speed

If you have a slow website, it will turn off your customers. Make sure it doesn’t happen especially on Black Friday 2021. You should have an efficient checkout process so you can avoid losing customers. If possible, you should consider adding additional payment options to meet the demands of your customers.

Prepare Your Customer Service Team

Make sure your customer service team is ready for whatever happens. For instance, you can start by adding your customer service officers to handle the sales and queries your customers might have. If possible, you should have a live chat function allowing faster resolution of queries whenever they happen.

Attend to Your Mobile Customers

Make sure your site is working perfectly for mobile customers. At least 40% of Black Friday shoppers will order things online using a mobile device. Therefore, you should not ignore them. The checkout process should be effortless as you arrange for seamless delivery options.

Find A Way to Attract New Customers

This Black Friday presents a perfect opportunity to gain new customers. People are looking for deals and discounts so they will end up on your website if you are offering them amazing Black Friday discounts. With COVID-19 restrictions, more people are bound to shop online so you can expect a lot of new shoppers. You should leverage this behaviour and take advantage of an email acquisition program to increase your email list.

Use Enticing Product Descriptions

Make sure that your product descriptions sell. You should tap into the emotions of your target market to sell your products on Black Friday. You should also make it easy for search engines to archive your pages. If you are selling products specifically for Black Friday, you can use words like limited time only, only one left, selling out fast. Remember, a lot of shoppers are not sure of what they want to buy. You should have a persuasive product description to get the desired effect. Don’t forget to include search engine optimization so it’s easy for your shoppers to find what they are looking for.

Use The Right Discounts

For Black Friday 2021 deals, most people are looking for enormous discounts, at least 20% of what they buy. Make sure you are competitive to attract more customers. For instance, you should consider offering a free gift with your product to sweeten the deal. If you want to pull more crowds, you should have sweet discounts. Also, make sure the discounts are clearly displayed on your website. If possible, you should add a countdown banner since it builds excitement and adds urgency.

“There’s a major push toward the curbside pickup,” said Yamuna Gibson, the shopping and trends editorial manager at Wadav. “A few retailers will significantly offer discounts and other incentives if you are willing to buy online and pick up in-store.”

Use Social Media

Social media is a great tool for your social media business. You can use Facebook to run ads, especially for Black Friday. If you get more engagements on social media, you can rest assured you will make more sales. Make sure your social media campaigns are engaging and shareable. Remember, you need to make ads that reach your target market. Also, you need to be on the lookout for hashtags that you can use to attract more clients.

Try Product Recommendations

Product recommendations have been known to boost your sales by at least 11%. It’s a useful tactic you can employ this Black Friday. Of course, you need to use a specific strategy that works for your business this Black Friday. Your new site visitors will find it handy with best sellers and trending suggestions so they can feel confident when making purchases. For the returning visitors, you can base their suggestions on their browsing history since they might be looking for gifts or their usual products on offer. After Black Friday, you can revert the product recommendations to the customers’ long-term purchase and browsing behaviour.

Use Dynamic Content

It’s a great idea to use dynamic content on your website at all times. That’s because marketers should be able to personalize every step of the customer journey. During Black Friday, it’s a good idea to promote up-to-date offers. That way, your customers can find what they need without digging deeper.

In simple words, Black Friday is the best period to outshine your competitors. Use these tips to make your Black Friday 2021 outshine everyone.


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