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Review of the Coolest and Best Sneakers Made in 2020

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We are almost through the worst year of all time. This year has brought with it practically every misery, from global lockdowns and economic uncertainty to persistent depression and mental unrest. However, if you are a sneaker fan, this article has some good news for you. Although in confinement, you can still flex the bunch of freshly released sneakers.

This year has been a busy one for the sneaker industries. We are only halfway through 2020, and almost every awaited sneaker has been released. Not to mention, the retro releases and the futuristic Adidas models makes you stay enthused and keen towards the sneaker industry, even in the times of sheer uncertainty. In this article, we will share the most underrated and coolest sneakers of 2020.

As the pandemic seems to be ending, and the winters are getting near. You are vacationing and planning to ski in the cold regions.You may want to equip yourself with the best ski bindings. To learn about the best Ski Bindings of 2020, visit Let us now get into learning about best sneakers in 2020.

Adidas Consortium FYW XTA

In an extraordinary twist of fate, Adidas Consortium is one of the most sold sneaker/hiker hybrids in a while. Adidas commenced the production of this hiker and sneaker hybrid during the peaks of COVID-19 cases. If you have $150 to spend on some sneakers, these shoes can be a relevant and reliable option.

Release date: 5/9

Retail Price: $150

Air Jordan 1 ‘Royal Toe’

The Stadium Goods air Jordan 1 has numerous similarities to the first Jordan ever released. It is commonly known as the OG and revamped version of the old Jordan. If you are an old-school, this is something to flex.

Release date: 5/9

Retail Price: $160

Air Jordan 5 ‘Fire Red’

For the most loyal Jordan fans and enthusiasts, the models released by them will always be the best. However, the recently released Fire Reds emphasizes how much the specific ‘5’ remains reliable even after decades.

Release date: 5/2

Retail Price: $200

New Balance x WTAPS M992WT

In 2020, the trend and flex are to spring for shoes infused with technical features; some of them have more features than a smartphone.

Either you can become part of this seasonal trend, or buy a plain, old school design without giving it a second thought.

Release date: 5/1

Retail Price: $250

Reebok Pump Court

Pumps are one of the rising flexes and trends of recent years. The latest upgrade raises it miles from the plain 1995 prototypes. Along with this, these sneakers are super-clean, easy to wear, and comfortable. Making them one of the most reliable and relevant sneakers of 2020.

Release date: 4/30

Retail Price: $150

New Balance x Casablanca 327 ‘Orange’

If a shoe were to be described in two words, Casablanca would be described as the ‘summer shoe.’ The Casablanca streetwear is perfect for summers, and it is comfortable to wear for the beaches as well. This ultimately means you can flex these sneakers at the beach as well.

Release date: 4/18

Retail Price: $150



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