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Best Outdoor Seeds For Your Climate



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Several things must be considered when deciding on the cannabis seeds to purchase. First and foremost, you should become acquainted with the local weather.

This alone will make the greatest impact on your plants’ production success.

Outdoor marijuana seed strains come in many different types. These differences result from their effective growth in a unique climate.

The intensity and duration of light exposure, as well as temperature, altitude, and seasonal fluctuations, all have an impact on your cannabis plants.

Best Outdoor Seeds For Your Climate

A solid awareness of your climate is especially vital at the beginning and end of your cannabis plant’s life. This is because marijuana plants are most vulnerable while they are seedlings. They haven’t had an opportunity to develop a resistance to environmental changes.

It is your responsibility to choose which strain is most suited to your specific climate. However, I will assist you in this quest. You can search for marijuana seeds by type, climate, yield, and much more on i49.

The Outdoor Marijuana Grow Cycle

First, let’s take a look at how a marijuana plant grows.

The lifespan of a marijuana plant begins with a seedling. Because its roots are not securely planted in the earth at this stage, it is extremely sensitive to its surroundings. When growing seedlings outside, they must be protected from frost.

In some areas, a late Spring frost indicates it’s best to use pre-grown seedlings or clones. You can also use seeds to start your plants indoors or in a greenhouse. You can transfer your plants to their outside area after they are healthy enough and the risk of frost has passed.

Plants enter the vegetative cycle throughout the summer. This is when cannabis plants grow to their full potential – as long as they keep the right temperature and get sufficient water. Marijuana plants normally begin their flowering cycle in the fall. Flowering plants are less sensitive to their surroundings than seedlings, yet they still need to be protected from frost. A strong frost at this time of year might disrupt bud formation and lower the potency of your harvest.

Growing plants outside do not have to be difficult. You can choose the ideal seeds for growing outdoors if you understand your climate.

How to Select the Finest Marijuana Seeds

So, how do you pick the best strain for your growth needs and climate? You may get a good notion of what type of strain would work well in your particular climate if you know where various marijuana strains are generally cultivated.

People who want to grow plants in Florida, for example, should look for tropical weed strains. The same is true for other climates with similar conditions, such as Louisiana, Texas, and anywhere along the Gulf Coast.

The weather isn’t the only aspect to think about. It would help if you also considered any additional discrepancies between your seasonal changes and the native seasons of the marijuana strain.

A strain that originated in Hawaii, for example, flourishes in the long Hawaiian growing season. This indicates that it may not attain its full potential in your climate because it has a shorter growing season. You would still wind up with a wonderfully smokable yield that will get you high, but the size of the plant would be smaller, so your yield would be lower.

What about the strain in question? If you’re a seasoned weed smoker, you’ve certainly experimented with a wide range of strains. You know that some will immediately put you in a positive or dreamy condition, but others may take longer and result in a sleepier state.

You’re undoubtedly also aware that not all highs are pleasant; headaches, sore throats, or paranoia can all be symptoms of a high. Use that expertise to select the best marijuana seeds. Nobody wants a nasty high.

You’ll also want to get high-quality seeds. Seeds that will not germinate are useless. Seeds that germinate into diseased plants are similarly ineffective. Bad genetics is bad genetics, no matter what strain you choose.

Marijuana plant seeds are constantly available. If you decide to buy weed seeds online, make sure you do it from a reliable source.

Selecting the Best Strain

Growing a specific strain because you appreciate the effects does not guarantee that it will grow well outside where you live. If you’re looking for marijuana strains in your area, the first thing you should know is that there are many different varieties of marijuana plants. Marijuana has evolved differently in different geographic places due to grower choices and the surrounding climate.

For example, Sativa marijuana plants with extremely few leaves in tropical areas, but abundant flowers are common. On the other hand, Middle Eastern and Central Asian strains typically have Indica plants with larger (both in breadth and length) leaves and denser buds.

Differences in leaf size reflect variations in the strength and constancy of sunshine. Larger leaves have developed in areas with poor light to absorb as much sunlight as possible. The larger the leaf, the more sunlight it may be exposed to at one time.

These distinctions may appear minor at first, but they can significantly impact determining what to plant. If you reside in a climate with little or no sunlight or are extremely weak, you should select a strain with larger leaf diameters.

The Best Seeds for Hot Climates

Many marijuana cultivars originated near the equator. Thus, many may survive in hot temperatures.

For most gardeners, the greatest outdoor cultivars thrive in a Mediterranean environment like Southern Europe, many areas of the US, and Australia. If you want to grow the greatest strains in hot weather, you must first consider humidity.

Warm-Wet Coastal Climate

A Mediterranean climate has few temperature extremes, making it good for growing. But just a few areas can offer this stability for cannabis plants.

That’s why many farmers, especially in Florida or Australia, look for tropical cannabis strains that can withstand excessive heat and humidity.

This is one of the greatest strains for hot, humid weather.

  • Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is mostly a mental high. It produces a floral, hazy smoke that is powerful yet mellow. The dark lime green buds are stable and crystallized. This traditional Amnesia seed variety has produced dozens of hybrids. It thrives in tropical climates like Texas, New Zealand, and Colombia.

Hot-Dry Southern Climate

Heat and humidity are both problematic for marijuana plants. Most plants can’t live in high temps and low humidity. Some strains are more suited to the task than others. Less water is needed than tropical weed strains.

One of the best strains for hot weather:

  • Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a calming Sativa dominating strain. This tall plant prefers dry conditions. In the northern hemisphere, it can be harvested in early November. The high yield of sour Diesel makes it a favorite. It may take a bit, but you could get up to 25 ounces per plant. Sun-loving desert areas like Nevada, New Mexico, and Australia’s outback like this variety.

The Best Seeds for Cold Climates

Cannabis plants favor warm temperatures; however certain strains flourish in northern latitudes. These strains can withstand a cold spell. They may also work effectively as autoflowers in warmer climates for winter weed growing.

A list of the best strains for the Northeast, Northwest, Western Canada, and Northern Europe:

  • Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a classic strain that is both relaxing and uplifting. This indica dominated cultivar enjoys a temperate climate and harvests in mid-October. Northern Lights plants are medium in height and disease resistant. Can grow in Western Europe and the Pacific Northwest.

Choosing an appropriate strain for your area is likely the most important initial step in cultivating effective cannabis plants outside. If you choose a strain that flourishes in a different environment than your own, you will be extremely unhappy with the results.

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