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Bangkok Ranked Among One Of The Top 5 Expat Cities

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Bangkok Ranked Among One Of The Top 5 Expat Cities

(CTN News) –  As per the global expat index published by Preply, Bangkok is ranked 5th among the top 10 cities to live and work abroad.

The cost of living as an expat in Bangkok is also relatively high at £1,725, and the average monthly salary after tax is £492.

However, Bangkok has the most affordable rent for a 1-bedroom city center property at £451, and a meal costs just £2.11.

Kuala Lumpur is the best city for expats to work and live in 2022

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia ranks as the best expat relocation city for expats, with an overall score of 6.62.

The average monthly living cost for expats in the city center is £903, so you’ll have plenty of disposable income left over to enjoy everything the city offers.

Georgia’s Tbilisi is the second-best city for expats to relocate to

Second place goes to Tbilisi in Georgia with a 6.58 expat relocation score.

Tbilisi is more expensive for expats than Kuala Lumpur, with the average person earning £372 after tax and renting a 1-bedroom

Around £580 in the city center. A meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs an average of £7.38.

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Lisbon in Portugal is the third best city for expats in 2022

It has a higher cost of living (£1,367) and average rent cost (£865) than the two cities above it, and an average salary of £959.

Lisbon’s internet speeds are much faster, at 29 Mbps – great for remote workers who need a high-speed connection.

Besides city tours and river cruises, there are 476 things to do in the local area.

According to our ranking, Lisbon has a city safety index score of 70.87 out of 120, making it one of the safest places for expats.

Dubai and Bangkok round up the top 5 cities for expats 

Dubai and Bangkok come in 4th and 5th with expat relocation scores of 6.45 and 6.35.

Despite its luxury lifestyle, Dubai’s cost of living for expats is higher than any other city in our analysis.

In contrast, the average monthly salary after tax is £4,082, the second highest after Bern in Switzerland (£4,907).

Dubai’s tax laws also make it attractive, with people earning more than £50,000 not paying any taxes.

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