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83-Year-old Man Shoots Family Lawyer After Heated Argument



83-Year-old Man Shoots Family Lawyer After Heated Argument

An 83-year-old man was arrested in central Thailand yesterday for allegedly shooting and injuring the lawyer for rival family claimants in a dispute over inherited land.

On Monday morning, a police officer was also shot in a car park near the Ratchaburi Provincial Court.

During the incident, a 52-year-old lawyer, Prakasit Sermsamak, was seriously wounded after he was shot in the torso, while a policeman from Wat Phleng Police Station was injured in his right thumb. Ratchaburi Hospital received both patients.

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During the course of the investigation, police seized an 11mm handgun from the gunman, identified as Sukit Lerdprapakuntorn, 83, of the Photharam district.

Initial investigations revealed that Lawyer Mr Prakasit had set up a meeting with Mr Sukit at the nearby Ratchaburi Legal Execution Office to discuss the inheritance dispute.

Apparently, there was a 10-year dispute as a result of Mr Sukit’s mother’s death. Despite being the third born of four surviving children, he was given the rights to all the family’s land, which his three siblings objected to.

Mr Sukit is believed to have shot the lawyer and the officer who intervened during yesterday’s heated discussion.

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