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Hackers From China Launch Cyberattack Against 12 South Korean Academic Institutions

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Hackers From China Launch Cyberattack Against 12 South Korean Academic Institutions

(CTN NEWS) – SEOUL – According to South Korea‘s internet safety commission, a Chinese hacking organization conducted a cyberattack against 12 South Korean academic institutions on Wednesday, but no substantial harm was done.

Some departments of Jeju University and the Korea National University of Education were among the 12 institutions’ websites that were hacked, according to the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA).

As of 2 p.m. on Wednesday, most of the 12 websites, including the one for the Korea Research Institute for Construction Policy, were still inaccessible.

According to a Ministry of Science and ICT representative, the institutions that were attacked lacked adequate cyber protection. However, the incident did not appear to result in a significant personal data breach.

Hackers From China Launch Cybera

Cyber Security Team

According to KISA, a cyberattack against several South Korean agencies, including KISA, was predicted by the Chinese hacking outfit.

But it claimed that the website of the internet watchdog was unaffected.

Around the weekend of the Lunar New Year holiday, which lasted from Saturday to Tuesday, the Chinese hacking group, calling itself the Cyber Security Team.

Asserted that it had successfully infiltrated the computer networks of 70 South Korean educational institutions.

54 gigabytes of data that the organization claimed to have taken from South Korea’s government and public institutions will also be made public, the group further threatened.

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The science ministry urged citizens and government organizations to be on the lookout for growing hacking dangers.

To assess the security posture against potential cyberattacks, Science Minister Lee Jong-ho went to the Korea Internet Security Center the day before.

The ministry was closely observing the group’s actions to look for potential new assaults.


Hackers From China Launch Cyberattack Against 12 South Korean Academic Institutions

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