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China Plans To Build Ground Stations For Satellites In Antarctica

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China Plans To Build Ground Stations For Satellites In Antarctica

(CTN NEWS) – BEIJING – According to official media on Thursday, China, the third nation after the Soviet Union and the United States to launch a man into space, will construct base stations in Antarctica to support its network of ocean monitoring satellites.

Some countries are worried that China’s extensive network of ground stations, which it needs to support an increasing number of satellites and its aspirations for space travel, could be used for spying.

China, however, dismisses these claims.

Due to “trends” in geopolitics, Sweden’s state-owned space corporation rejected to extend contracts with China or take new Chinese business in 2020.

Sweden had previously provided ground stations that assisted Chinese spacecraft in flying and send data.

China plans to build ground stat

Astronaut Liu Yang waves as she is out of a return capsule of the Shenzhou-14 spacecraft, following a six-month mission on China’s space station, at the Dongfeng landing site in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China December 4, 2022. China Daily via REUTERS

According to state-run China Space News, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co. won the contract with its 43.95 million yuan ($6.53 million) bid.

And will now construct the stations at the Zhongshan research site, one of two stable Chinese research facilities in Antarctica.

Although China Space News published two supplemental pictures of an artist’s conception showing four ground stations at Zhongshan, near Prydz Bay in East Antarctica, south of the Indian Ocean.

No technical specifics were provided for the project in the report.

According to China Space News, the project was a component of larger programs focused at developing China’s marine economy and making China a maritime power.

China plans to build ground stat 1


Despite China’s assurances that the station’s aim is peaceful space observation and spacecraft missions, doubts have been raised concerning the purpose of a Chinese-built ground station in Argentina’s Patagonia.

The arrival of a Chinese military survey ship at Sri Lanka’s Chinese-built port of Hambantota last year sparked vocal protest from neighboring India, concerned about potential eavesdropping.

Analysts claim the ship monitors launches of satellites, rockets, and missiles.

The final of China’s three space station modules was launched in October, making it the second permanently occupied outpost in low-Earth orbit after the International Space Station, which NASA runs.


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