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6 Life Changes That Will Help Saving the Planet



Saving the Planet

Every long trip starts with the first step. If we want to stop climate change, battle pollution, and preserve the planet, we need to start from ourselves. We’re all yelling about changes, but no one seems to be making that change in themselves.

What we need to do is start making changes. If all of us do it, we can hope that this planet’s future is bright. If not, we may face some stunningly dangerous scenarios in which humankind and everything else on this planet go extinct.

If you agree and are willing to change, you’re probably wondering where to start. There are so many things to be done, but some are more valuable than others. In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips to help you make that change and help save the planet. Follow up and see what you can do to make a difference.

1. Go vegan

The entire ecosystem depends heavily on animals. You probably heard that the extinction of the bees means the death of the entire planet, and that’s entirely true, so why do we keep acting negligently to all of the planet’s species and we keep exterminating them one by one?

What you need to do is go vegan and end this practice. Some people will say that humans heavily depend on animals, not just for food, but this is not true. There’s an alternative for everything; even traditional tanned leather and similar raw materials are now made vegan.

2. Reconsider your traveling choices

Aside from taking care of the environment, going on foot or by bike will make you healthy, so why not consider doing it? Simultaneously, transportation devices we commonly use are seriously polluting the environment, especially in the cities we live in.

If 50 people travel by their own car to the same destination, you get exhaust gasses from 50 vehicles. If all these people decide to take the bus, the pollution is cut to only one vehicle while the other 49 are not polluting.

It’s similar to long-distance travel. We often take the plane to go from New York to Washington. Planes heavily pollute the air, while trains that will take you to the same destination for a better price and for just a little longer create not as nearly air pollution.

3. Practice the three Rs regularly

The three Rs are recycling, reducing, and reusing. Every single person on this planet should commonly use them.

Recycling means separating all waste, taking it to the right place, and turning it into something new. Reducing means trying to use less of the items, so you don’t create pollution, and reusing means not throwing away stuff until they are not useful anymore.

4. Turn off the appliances in your house

This one’s really easy, yet no one seems to be doing it. Simply turning off the unused appliances in your home will preserve so much energy. Turn off the TV set if you’re not watching something on it, your computer, and lights around rooms where no one is in.

It’s amazing how many appliances and items are put to sleep and waste energy. If we all turn them off, the power plants will have to spend way less effort to produce energy for us, creating less pollution.

5. Fight for your right to work remotely

When Covid-19 took full swing and most countries went into lockdown, many business owners and managers sent their employees to work from home. Working remotely has proven to be highly effective, and thanks to the internet and people working from home, the economy survived.

This measure to battle the virus brought an unexpected benefit to air pollution. Gas emissions in all cities across the globe dropped significantly because people simply stopped going to work. Cars and buses stayed home, and all this pollution in the air previously disappeared. Ask your bosses to provide working from home because this is excellent for the environment.

6. End using plastic by all means

How often do you need to see this across the internet and on television? End using plastic because it stays forever in the soil. Plastic takes up to 1200 years to decompose in the ground, so landfills, where plastic goes, will need more than a millennium to go back to their original shape if we stop throwing stuff inside today.

This is a devastating fact; you have to admit. The only way to stop plastic waste is to stop using it. If we stop using it, they’ll stop manufacturing it. Start with the most simple stuff, like straws used for drinking, then cups, bags, and other items. Take them out of your daily use and be the change you want to see. There’s an alternative for everything, so don’t worry about missing anything.


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