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Eastern European Mail Order Brides: Marriage Analysis

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Eastern European Mail Order Brides: Marriage Analysis

An important understanding of the transformation of transnational courtship has come to us since the development of international marriage agencies. Clarifying the polysemantic diversity of the latter concept, the main characteristics of the history (as well as income and information and communication technologies of the bride mail order delivery industry) indicate the expediency of the promotion and development of the mail order industry in modern society.

You can buy a wife through a marriage broker who offers a catalog of unmarried girls ready for building a marriage relationship. Henceforth, attention is focused on an important issue that is not usually considered a problem of international communication. However, it has been clearly shown how ICT and web marketing have transformed and enormously expanded the scope and profitability of mail-order marriages.

The experts outlined how the development of the mail order industry in Eastern Europe reinforces various inequalities and prejudices on a transnational scale. Based on the limited research done previously and the empirical analysis, this has contributed to highlighting one of the darker sides of the Internet communication revolution. However, communication with European mail brides is mostly praised.

Within the Methodological Research

The qualitative study discusses the dichotomous services of “giving the bride by mail”, examines the conditions under which mail order brides’ international agencies have become a major industry and analyzes the content of mail order brides’ agencies that advertise singles from Eastern Europe. Methodologically, the study involves a three-level content analysis with marriage agencies selected from the best entries. The findings show that mail-order agencies not only turn Eastern European ladies into fashionable goods but encourage inequality based on economic status, gender, race as well as national origin.

General Facts & Statistics About Mail Order Brides

The modern industry of mail-order brides has been around for centuries although it has only recently become a widespread topic for conversation in everyday dates. Over few years, a sharp increase in the number of single men seeking foreign brides for marriage and building serious relationships has occurred.

While some see mail order brides as desperate or submissive ladies, the reality is that these women are just like any other woman seeking foreign spouses. Below we bring you the main facts with statistics about mail order ladies.

Common Mail Order Brides Countries

The countries represented are considered to be perfect sources for mail brides. For example, in Ukraine and Belarus there are a large number of Eastern European women who are seeking serious foreign husbands. The statistics of foreign brides from Eastern Europe now exceed the total of 30% who entered into marriage unions with foreign men.

Marriage Statistics

International dating can still seem a little daunting. How often do international couples get married and divorced? According to the results of recent studies, the statistics are as follows:

  • Successful marriages = <100;
  • Success rate = 65%;
  • Divorce rate = 35%.

Mail Order Wife Age

Mail order brides from Eastern European countries is often close in age to their foreign husbands and sometimes even older. The following trend may continue as more Eastern European women gain access to education and career opportunities:

  • 18-25 = 18%;
  • 26-34 = 30%;
  • 35 years and older = 52%.

Eastern European Mail Order Bride Cost

Once you know which exactly country your potential bride is from, some factors may affect the price range. When searching for a spouse through mail bride agencies, it is important to consider the following points:

  • Flight tickets = $100 to $1,000;
  • Real dates = from $3,000 to $15,000;
  • Paid dating sites = from $2.99 per month and more.

Is it Real to Find a Mail Order Wife Online?

Is it really a thing or is it a living object of adoration? Most foreign men have only one frequently asked question of whether mail order brides work online. The answer is definitely positive. In 2017, women from countries like the Philippines, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Vietnam received a K-1 visa. According to recent statistics, female residents from China, Colombia, Brazil, Ukraine and Russia also acquired K-1 visas.

Finding a wife online from an Eastern European country is completely legal and easy. However, it is up to you whether mail order wives will work for you. You may choose among thousands of beautiful Slavic women. If you want to find a smart girlfriend from Eastern Europe, then Belarus, Ukraine and Russia are your best choice!

What Partners Do European Mail Brides Make?

Life with your sweet European mail bride will be rich in moments as there are many good reasons why Western men choose to marry these single women. However, it is common for Western men to explore the best features of European potential wives in order to know what to expect from a future union. There are several fundamental characteristics that make European brides ideal in the eyes of Western gentlemen.

Special Attitude to Husband

Respect and adoration of partners in European mail order brides in the blood! These irresistible family women will never come into a marriage with men they are not completely satisfied with. That is why most European ladies make respectful and caring life partners. A European married woman will always notice when her spouse feels unimportant or something happened at work. Such a sensitive wife will do everything possible to make you feel much better and she is always happy to advise worthy things. Your potential European mail bride will always find time to listen to your life stories and protect you from anyone who attacks you.


Household chores is where European brides really excel at. Unlike many Western and American women (who consider that household chores should be done by their spouses or even left to a third party), European wives are willing to do the most and never complain about it. This is how everything is arranged in most European families and you should be prepared for this. A woman from a European country is in charge of a tidy house and delicious food. Modern European wives are in no hurry to change the trend of being exemplary mistresses!

Intimate Life

European women are quite sensual beings and love their partners like crazy. That’s why these women want them to feel better than ever. These voluptuous ladies are always open in bed and give their best. There is a chance that you have never had a more active mistress than a European mail bride. Your intimate life will definitely change when you choose her personally!

To sum it up, statistics of mail bride marriage agencies in Eastern Europe take place to be formal since all marriages are concluded in accordance with the requirements and preferences of foreign grooms. Mail brides, in turn, divide life between before and after marriage. Often, these ladies become the object of adoration for overseas men who are diligently looking for a foreign spouse through international marriage agencies.



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