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Facts About Automation and Manufacturing Robots

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Manufacturing robots are automation

Work in manufacturing plants has been made accessible because of the manufacturing robots. Manufacturing robots are automated, programmable industrial robots that are used to perform various manufacturing processes. Just like humans, the robotic, machines are assigned tasks that they complete with precision. The robots are capable of movement on three or more axis, which makes them flexible.

The manufacturing robots are fitted with applications that enable them to do tasks like welding, painting, assembly, disassembly, pick and place, painting, packaging, labeling, and pallet racking. The following are notable facts about manufacturing robots:

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The collaborative robot arms from Universal robots are flexible and safe to use at your automotive production line. The robot arms add value to your production line because they can perform numerous tasks simultaneously. Industrial robots reduce the production time on the assembly line since they can move from one job to the next without taking breaks. Unlike human labor, robotic arms perform tasks with precision and accuracy.

Easy-To Deploy

The Universal robotic arms are easy to deploy to perform different tasks. The robots are fitted with multiple applications that can be used without changing your production layout. One robot can be used for sheet metal welding, painting, and assembly. The simplicity of the robotic arms allows you to deploy the robot to do different industrial plant tasks.

Saves On the Cost of Production

The automotive manufacturing process is time-and cost-intensive. The robots take an average time of less than half the amount of time used by human beings. Customers of industrial plants that use robotic machines have reported that the average set-up time is only half a day. Using less time for production gives the automotive industry a new level of flexibility.

The reduction of time subsequently reduces the cost of production. The robots do not incur additional associated charges. It is possible to estimate the cost of production when you engage the robotic arms.

Increases Production

Robot arms from Universal Robots have the fastest payback in the automotive industry. The robots increase production within a short period. The robotic time works 24/7 without taking breaks. They also produce seamless quality products. The high yield brings more customers to the plant and thus high returns.

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Facts about Automation and Manufacturing Robots

Enhances Safety

The robotic arms are safe to use and work hand-in-hand with humans. The collaborative arms are sensitive to humans working in their environments. If a human being invades their working space, the robots either halt, the processor reduces the speed until the area is bright and safe again. Robots are also used in dangerous working environments, which can be harmful to human beings.

The process, like welding, requires high temperatures, is best handled by robots. The robotic machines are also used in painting where harmful fumes are emitted. Other areas where the robotic devices can be deployed are lifting heavy objects, working at high heights, or fixing minute parts of the car.

Work With Precision

The robotic machines best handle processes that require specialized skills. Finding people with special abilities is hard and expensive. Robots are programmed to handle numerous specialized tasks with precision for manufacturing industries. One robotic arm can do tasks that require more than one person, thus reduces the cost of labor. The robotic arms do an outstanding job. For instance, the machine-painted cars are beautiful and have an excellent finish which appeals to customers.


Manufacturing industries that use robotic machines have registered increased production. Robots solve labor issues because they never ask for breaks or leaves. Unlike humans who are occasionally involved in labor disputes, the robots never complain; neither do they ask for salary increments. Apart from the initial capital needed when purchasing the robots, no other additional costs are required. It is easy to project the amount of money that will be used in the whole production.



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