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How To Create That Casual, Chic Cool Look for Ladies of all Ages



We all want to look cool when relaxing and whether or not you have set outfits that you wear with distinct themes. Here are a few tips to help create the desired look when you are out and about.

The Ponytail Look

If you can pony your hair, wear tight fitting jeans or leggings and a short leather jacket, with black boots to complete the look. Mirrored sunglasses add to the mystery, and make sure you opt for a large lens style that are polarized and have UV protection. Finish things off with some sterling silver jewellery and a shoulder bag and you are ready to rock!

The Right Shades

Sunglasses are a lot more than just eye protection, indeed, they are regarded as essential fashion accessories, and if you search for an online designer sunglasses supplier, you will find premium ladies polarized sunglasses at very affordable prices, and what’s more, they come with a lifetime warranty! There are some great styles like the aviator and wayfarer, and with a range of colours and a UV rating of 400, you can order a few pairs to make sure you have every scenario covered.

How To Create That Casual, Chic Cool Look for Ladies of all Ages
The Beanie

Let’s face it, the beanie looks great in almost any setting and coupled with some large lens shades, you will look like the model on her day off. You can relax when your hair is up and the wind won’t bother you in the slightest. A woollen scarf is another cool accessory if the weather is a little on the cool side, and winter wear could include a thick wool cardigan or sweater.

Feeling Confident

Ask any model and they will tell you that the ability to carry off a look is self-confidence; if you are sure you look good, then you lose any sense of fear or anxiety and you become yourself. Check yourself in the full-length mirror when you are dressed up, and there’s no reason you can’t send a picture of you to your best friend, for her honest opinion. If, for any reason, an outfit doesn’t feel right, then look for what is out of place and make some changes, and when you have that feeling of achieving the look you are after, you will enjoy your day more. For more ways that you can create a chic look, there are articles you can find through a Google search.


If you have a free couple of hours, take out your entire wardrobe and lay garments on the bed, which will allow you to try combinations, and if you are lacking an essential accessory, online shopping has you covered. Trial and error will result in discovering looks that you might never have thought about, and swap stuff you don’t wear with friends, which is a great way to obtain new things.

How To Create That Casual, Chic Cool Look for Ladies of all Ages
If you are lacking in inspiration, Google Image will provide you with some fine examples of how to look chic and cool at the same time. The more jewelry you have, the better your choice of accessories, and with online solutions, you save money and avoid human contact.


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