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Fix a Canon Printer That Won’t Configure to Windows 11

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Canon Printer

In hardware, printers are very crucial. You need printers for offices as well as for homes. Canon is a Japanese company famous for cameras and other imaging devices. It also manufactures a wide range of printers. Canon printers are very reliable and easy to set up with any device. But sometimes, users may face issues while configuring Canon printers to Windows 11.

Common issues behind Canon printer configuration error

  1. The printer files are not working
  2. You are using an invalid password
  3. Canon printer connection error
  4. Your printer can’t find the driver
  5. The Canon printer is not connected correctly
  6. Printer services get stuck
  7. Canon printer can’t find the cartridges

canon printer

Troubleshooting Canon printer configuration error

Run a printer troubleshooter

Canon printers can show configuration errors when the printer files are corrupted. These files get errors due to any changes. Fixing these printer files manually is difficult. You can fix these files by using a troubleshooter tool. Go to the connected PC and search for a Printer troubleshooter. Run this inbuilt tool and it will immediately start searching for all the corrupted printer files. Wait to complete the process and now try to configure your Canon printer to Windows 11 PC.

Reset the printer password

If your printer is not configured, check for the password. To connect the printer wirelessly, you have to enter the password. You will get an error if you enter an invalid password. Recheck the password for the printer. If you don’t know the Canon mg3022 wifi password then reset the printer. Go to the printer and search for the Reset option. Select Network Reset and now you can access your Canon printer using the default password. After configuring the printer, change the password. Now you can access your printer using a new password easily.

Update your printer driver

Configuration errors mainly occur when the printer can’t find the driver. Without this driver, your printer won’t understand the commands. Go to the connected computer and search for the Canon printer driver. If you don’t have the driver, install it immediately. You can find the driver on the Canon printer driver. Before downloading the setup, check the Canon printer model. Every Canon printer model has a different drive. Install the correct driver for the printer. Once the Canon printer finds the driver, it will immediately start taking printouts.

Reconnect the printer

You should also check for the printer connection. Sometimes, errors can appear when the printer connection gets interrupted. You should try to reconnect the printer. Go to your printer and PC; remove the USB cord. Check your connection cord for any damage. If the cable is faulty; replace it. Get a new cable for the connection; use only a high-speed cable. If your printer is connected wirelessly, you should check the Wi-Fi on both devices. You should restart the Wi-Fi. Hit the Wi-Fi button and the printer and the lamp will start blinking. Wait until the printer connects to the device and then check for configuration errors.

Power restart your Canon printer

The error occurs when some printer services are not working. This mainly happens when some printer services get stuck. These services require a restart to resume. But a simple printer restart may not work. Go to the Canon printer and eject its power cord. Now wait for 5-6 seconds and reconnect it. The printer will start automatically. Reconnect your Canon printer to your PC and then check for errors.

Inspect the installed cartridges

A Canon printer can show errors when it can’t read the cartridges. These cartridges are necessary to take the printouts. If the printer fails to read the cartridge, it will show errors. Remove all cartridges from the slots. Now check each cartridge for any damage. If the cartridge of your printer is faulty then replace it. You should clean the cartridge slots and contacts carefully. Reinstall the cartridges on the Canon printer and then connect it to the PC. Send a print command and check for the error.

Undo the recent changes

Sometimes, printers can show configuration errors when you make any invalid changes on the printer. To fix the error, you should undo the recent changes on the printer. Go to the device and settings. Revert the changes you have made recently. If you don’t remember the changes then select the Reset option. Tap on Reset All and the printer will start resetting. Now reconnect your Canon printer to your PC and check for configuration errors.


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