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How to Attract People to Your RV Park



How to Attract People to Your RV Park

RV travel has always been popular, and in recent years, thanks to social media, they have become more mainstream and accepted as a great way to see the country. The increase in popularity is great for business when you own an RV park, but you’re also facing a lot of competition.

It’s important to put extras into your RV park to stay ahead, which other sites won’t have thought of. The aim is to get repeat customers and to have income all year round, not just in peak season when all the parks are filled months in advance. So, how can you attract people to your RV park?

Cover Your Basics

If you can’t get the basics right, then it doesn’t matter how many fancy additions you have – no one will want to stay. Any facilities you have should be spotless, well-maintained, and functioning perfectly.

Your access roads should be pothole free and use greenery and landscaping to create a beautiful atmosphere and provide privacy where you can. Your signage should be clear, with helpful maps located frequently. You can get internet for your RV park easily, so there is no excuse for poor coverage.

If you have the basics nailed down, you can still compete with parks with access to amazing resources.

Provide Extras

The more you can provide onsite, the better the experience will be for your customers. For instance, you could consider giving activity equipment for hire, such as bicycles or kayaks, depending on what’s in your area.

Why not have maps of local trails easily to hand? You could even organize day events, such as a guided hike of the local area or a nature trail with a local specialist.

Be Involved in the Local Community

Local communities can be hit and miss when it comes to RV parks – some love them, some hate them. It’s important to try to get the local community on your side.

From your customer’s point of view, you could try to get discounts for local amusements or local shops and provide information on local events – county fairs and so on.

For the local community, you should show that you want to be a part of the community and not just make money from the surroundings; for instance, consider sponsoring local programs or teams.

You could even provide discounts for local people to use your sporting equipment off-season. You could let local tradespeople set up stalls and have a market in your RV park once a week.


As with all businesses, you need to have great marketing if you want to be seen before your competition. The standard marketing techniques, radio, newspaper ads, and billboards all still work and are worth investing in, but you can’t neglect online marketing.

Being involved on social media can bring you to the attention of a wider audience, and search engine optimization techniques can get you higher on the search engine rankings. If you are not as familiar with digital marketing, discussing your options with a professional company would help get you off the ground.

These days customers want to have a more personal connection with a company and create a feeling of trust and a relationship.

Marketing strategically will help you do this, but you also want to make sure that your customer service is excellent and that you are actively engaging with people online. This way, you will not be a faceless corporation, and you will attract more customers.

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