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U.S. Avian Flu Hits Grocery Stores In The West

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U.S. Avian Flu Hits Grocery Stores In The West

(CTN News) – Due to the historic avian flu that is spreading rapidly among wild birds and causing millions of chickens to die, egg shortages and skyrocketing prices are still affecting American consumers.

There are only a few hundred wild bird deaths reported each year, experts say, but that’s a small fraction.

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The historic avian flu, which is spreading rapidly among wild birds and has killed millions of poultry, has triggered egg shortages and skyrocketing grocery store prices.

A Rocky Mountain Raptor Program (RMRP) official told The Colorado Sun newspaper, “We have never seen anything like this outbreak.” The program is made up of a dozen scientists.

As a result of Colorado’s worst-ever avian flu outbreak, nearly 6.4 million poultry have died, and it is spreading to wild birds, killing bald eagles and other precious raptors, according to the newspaper.

It was reported last week by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that wild birds can be infected and not show any symptoms of HPAI. When migrating, they can spread the disease, potentially exposing domestic poultry to it.”

There have been confirmed bird deaths in Colorado, Utah, North Dakota, Oregon and California. However, Florida, with its abundant coastline and waterfowl, leads the country in bird deaths with 379, according to USDA data.

There are only a few hundred wild bird deaths reported each year, experts say, but that’s a small fraction.

In order to concentrate efforts in the most impacted areas, wildlife officials are overrun with reports of carcasses in the wild.

“This is the Covid of Bird Flu,” Tincher told Xinhua, calling education and awareness the key to preventing the plague.

We didn’t know anything about Covid when it hit, so be patient. “Let’s see how it turns out.”

The virus affects a wide range of wild birds, including the Red-Tailed Hawk, the Mallard, and the Bald Eagle, the legendary symbol of American heritage.

CPW officials were disappointed that the current blight had killed one of the state’s “resurgent but still tenuous population of nesting bald eagles,” CBS Colorado reported last month.

Reesa Conrey, a CPW researcher, says the loss of birds in so many places is demoralizing.

As the Avian Flu pandemic spreads, local markets suffer.

Since the outbreak escalated again last month, every major egg producer in Colorado has been affected by the mass slaughter of egg-laying flocks.

Consumers don’t realize that egg prices are increasing due to avian flu, not inflation, Tincher said, noting that the illness is categorized as “Highly Pathogenic” unlike any before it.

As of 2023, egg prices have doubled, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Erma Rouse, a Circle K employee in North Denver, told Xinhua on Tuesday that 10 dollars for a dozen eggs is ridiculous.

According to Xinhua, Rouse will not buy eggs again until they drop in price due to the avian outbreak.

Whenever a raptor or eagle is acting strange or dying, Tincher asks if there are any nearby poultry,” Tincher told Xinhua.

There is a possibility that wild birds are spreading the ongoing avian outbreak, which has been ebbing and increasing in severity for almost a year.

Thousands of small chicken operators and citizens who eat their own eggs or sell them in small quantities need to destroy flocks of egg-laying chickens, too.

The Guardian’s headline last April read, “U.S. egg factory roasts 5.3 million chickens in avian flu cull,” as 2.75 million chickens were culled in Wisconsin.

Restaurants in the Bay Area are paying double for avian flu clutches that are in short supply.

A avian flu outbreak has forced grocery stores in California and across the country to empty their shelves and raise prices, according to the article.



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