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How Do I Know If My Clear Aligners Fit Properly?

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How Do I Know If My Clear Aligners Fit Properly?

Putting in new clear aligners is a big step on the road to a great smile. It’s great news since it indicates you’re getting closer to that perfect grin. The new aligner will shift your teeth further in the desired direction.

How should aligners fit? what is tracking? These are some questions that may arise in your mind. You have no idea how it ought to appear or how it ought to fit.

When used as directed, a set of clear aligners can give you one of the finest smile makeovers possible. Always check the alignment of the aligners to make sure treatment is moving in the right direction.

The term “tracking” is used to describe the degree to which your teeth have been moving in accordance with the treatment plan, as evidenced by the clinical fit of your aligners. It’s the discrepancy between how your teeth should be aligned and how they actually are. Tracking of an aligner can be excellent, good, or poor.

When the aligners are perfectly tracked, there is no space between the aligners and the teeth.

When there is only a slight gap between the aligners and the teeth, the tracking is good. The tooth motions are progressing as expected. Therefore, no major adjustments to the treatment plan are necessary at this time.

Misaligned teeth occur when the aligners are not fitting correctly or tracking is bad. Because of this, the dentist will need to make changes to the treatment plan in the middle because the teeth are not moving as expected.

Clear Aligners must fit snugly yet Comfortably

It needs to rest comfortably across your teeth. Your teeth biting surface (the very tip) should rest comfortably within the aligner’s plastic tray. Chewing a Movemint might help you get your aligner back into place if it is sitting unevenly or if there is a small space between your tooth and your aligner. You’ll be able to live easier when you work your aligners into place.

Expect some Wiggle

Even though the aligner fits snugly over your teeth, there may still be some room at the very front. This gap will close up as your teeth shift into their proper positions. As long as the aligners are not coming loose while you talk, the slight gap shouldn’t be a problem. Never miss your dentist appointments to ensure your aligners are tracking properly.

Feel Secure

You should expect a new aligner to feel quite tight at first. In other words, it exerts force on your teeth and causes them to shift. As your teeth move, your aligner may become looser over time, meaning you have to shift to the next step of aligner.

Saliva Production

For the first few days after getting aligners, you may find yourself constantly licking your lips. It’s natural to feel uneasy when putting something unfamiliar into your mouth.

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