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Collagen Peptides Powder: 5 Top Smoothie Recipes



Collagen Peptides Powder: 5 Top Smoothie Recipes

Collagen peptides are becoming an essential part of our diet, and we aren’t complaining. Who wouldn’t want healthy, youthful skin while the joints and guts are in good health? If you don’t have collagen peptides in your morning smoothies, then what are you doing?

Are you worried about wrecking your smoothie? Well, that is a genuine concern. We are all worried about how we are going to make it delicious. Because honestly, supplements that do not taste good are such a thing of the past.

Today we want something that will provide us with the right kind of nutrients but not something we forcefully have to swallow.

But, you do not have to worry anymore because, in this excerpt below, we are giving you some of the top-notch smoothie recipes which you can try tomorrow!

These will have collagen peptides, obviously! We recommend Great Lakes Wellness collagen hydrolysate powder if you are looking for a trusted collagen option. Vital Proteins are also another excellent option.

Plus, have other green ingredients and fruits, which can make them smooth and the best tasting smoothies.

5 Top Smoothie Recipes with Collagen Peptides

Just to note one small thing, you will require a flavourless collagen peptide powder for these recipes.

This will ensure that you are getting the nutrients but, at the same time, doesn’t mess up the taste with its own individual flavour.

1. Cucumber Honey Smoothie

This is probably one of the best smoothie recipes for that early morning refreshment. All you need is cucumber and honey. Of course, your collagen peptide powder.

Cucumber is rich in Vitamin C, B & K, and minerals like Copper, Phosphorus, magnesium & potassium. It is the best ingredient to complement your collagen peptide.

Plus, you can add some honey for the sweetness.

2. Banana Kale Smoothie

This is the most delicious flavoured smoothie in the world!

Now you can get collagen peptide protein in some of the tastiest ways possible.

Just mix banana and kale with your supplement and fill your post-workout meal with Vitamin C, A, Potassium, and magnesium.

It is also great for digestion as well.

3. Spinach Chia Honey Smoothie

Spinach and chia seeds will have high fibre, vitamin A, Vitamin C, folate, and calcium. You can also get a boost in your immunity with chia seeds, and it also helps in reducing heart disease.

Honey can be used for sweetness, and you can use a delicious blend of vanilla almond milk to give your smoothie an extra kick.

If you plan to add some fruits to it, it will be your perfect breakfast after a workout.

4. Strawberry Banana Smoothie

If you are a fan of smoothie bowls, then try this deliciousness for further food collagen peptides.

A good banana and strawberry smoothie will help you get the right consistency when it comes to a smoothie bowl.

You can add pumpkin and chia seeds to make your smoothie more nutritional.

We already know that bananas are good in fibre and magnesium, but there are also antioxidants that you will find in strawberries. This will essentially help you detoxify your body.

The collagen peptide is the best meal if you wish to clean your gut and your skin and make it glass smooth.

5. Chocolate Smoothie

Yes, this might be a bit outlandish choice, but did you know that unsweetened dark chocolate is one of the best forms of antioxidants in your body?

So, you can have this delicious delight without thinking much about your diet and calorie count. Of course, it is best to add some natural sweetener other than sugar to enhance the taste.

Plus, you are getting the best from the collagen peptides, which will help you keep your joints healthy.

Healthy joints with chocolaty pleasure!  Who could have asked for anything more?

Ensure that you are either using low-fat milk or better opt for almond milk, coconut base milk, or simple soya milk.

Smooth(IE) & Delicious!

Who said that supplements have to be a hard pill to swallow. With colourless and flavourless supplements like collagen peptides, you now have a plethora that you can choose from.

Morning coffee, smoothies, or smoothie bowls; a delicious breakfast is awaiting you while you get all the required supplements for bioactive collagen peptides.

Say hello to good skin, healthy food, and delicious meals!  Who said you have to compromise?

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