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Exercise Can Help Us Survive COVID-19 And Other Diseases

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Exercise Can Help Us Survive COVID-19 And Other Diseases

(CTN News) – People who exercise just 30 minutes a day are four times more likely to survive fatal COVID than those who do not.

This is according to a study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. This suggests public health leaders should include physical activity in pandemic control strategies.

Medical experts believe that exercise can be highly beneficial for a wide range of health issues. This is partly because it inhibits inflammatory processes within our bodies, which is a cause of many health issues.

Health One’s chief medical officer, Dr. Scott Joy, explained that when we exercise, it helps reduce the constant inflammatory response that’s going on in our bodies.

This lowers blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, and blood pressure. Our bodies are usually in a state of inflammation, and exercise helps reduce that inflammation,” Joy said.

It is critical to understand that inflammation can be either acute or chronic in nature. Acute inflammation is the body’s normal response to injury, infection, or any other danger.

However, it can sometimes spiral out of control and lead to chronic inflammation, which persists without apparent cause and damages healthy cells, tissues, and organs without any apparent cause.

A life-threatening condition can occur if it is left untreated for a long period of time.

It is through exercise that our bodies become more accustomed to inflammation as it stresses them, but in a more moderate and controlled way.

It is no secret that people who exercise regularly are constantly exercising their immune system, and when a fresh insult is encountered, their immune system is ready to take on the challenge and doesn’t overreact,” Joy explained.

People who do not exercise regularly overreact to new stresses because their immune systems are not accustomed to dealing with them, and this is exactly what we see with COVID as well.

“It wasn’t the virus itself that was causing it, it was actually the body’s inflammatory response that caused swelling in the lungs, increased fluid, and increased inflammation, which is what caused the issue.”

However, this does not just apply to COVID-19, but exercise can also help our bodies respond to heart disease, blood clots, and cancer, by forcing our bodies to release chemicals that reduce swelling and create more capacity in the body.

It has been shown that exercise can help break up blood clots, as it increases our bodies natural blood-thinning mechanisms, which can help thin the blood and break up blood clots.

As a result, more blood vessels are created, and they act as a reserve in the event that others are damaged by something like an obstruction in an artery.

According to experts, as little as 30 minutes of moderate activity each day can help you stay healthy and defend yourself against any foreign invaders.


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