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Symptoms Of Heart Disease According To Doctors

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Symptoms Of Heart Disease According To Doctors

(CTN News) – Cardiologists are emphasizing the importance of recognizing the symptoms of heart disease during February, which is Heart Health Awareness Month.

Approximately one-third of all deaths worldwide are caused by heart disease, according to the American Heart Association. It is possible for women to be at an even greater risk.

There are several obvious signs that your heart may be having trouble, according to Dr. Alexandra Ward, medical director of Riverside Cardiology. “One out of every three women will suffer from heart disease in their lifetime, and one out of every three women will die from heart disease.” Heart disease can manifest as any pain or pressure in the chest, but there are several other subtle symptoms to be aware of.

You may experience shortness of breath, a feeling of being hot and sweaty all over, nausea or extreme fatigue if you have cardiac issues.

“We see signs like this more often in women,” explained Ward. “Combine these symptoms with chest pain and cardiac arrest may result.”

Something as seemingly innocuous as your dental health can have an adverse effect on your cardiovascular system.

According to Ward, he has been experiencing problems with his gums and teeth, especially with bacteria. When bacteria enters the bloodstream, they can latch onto heart valves. For example, if a person has a pacemaker or an artificial heart valve, the bacteria can cause bacterial infections in the heart.”

In spite of the fact that February is Heart Health Awareness Month, Dr. Ward believes it is important to know the risks and symptoms of heart disease throughout the year.

In order to ensure that there are no problems, she encouraged everyone to schedule an appointment with their health care provider.

You can learn more about heart disease by visiting the website of the American Heart Association.


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